salmon fish cake recipe

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  Salmon fish cakes are really versatile. They make a nice lunch with a bit of salad but can also be enjoyed as a main dinner with vegetables, roast potatoes or even chips. They do take a little preparation but are very easy to make and taste incredible. I decided to make this Salmon Fish […]

Pea Soup With Ham & Poached Egg

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Pea Soup With Ham & Poached Egg We had friends round for a meal so I was in my element and wanted to make a nice 3 course dinner, this pea soup was the starter that I decided to do. I have done a few soups in the past so thought a nice soup would […]

Poached Duck Eggs and Asparagus

Poached Duck Eggs and Asparagus - This is a very easy starter recipe, as well as quick to make. The poached eggs taste amazing :) -

Poached Duck Eggs and Asparagus Rach’s parents brought us some duck eggs round and I wanted to make Rach a nice mid-week meal which consisted of a nice starter and a tasty main. Since it was a mid-week meal I didn’t want it to take too long to cook, as we had both just been […]

Slimming World Full English Breakfast

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You cannot beat a Full English breakfast on a Saturday morning, even more so when you have a full day of jobs to do. A good breakfast can really set you up for the day, the downside though is if you are trying to either watch your weight or lose some weight like me a […]

Orange Pancake Recipe

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Its that time of year again for us to be able to enjoy the lovely taste of pancakes, this is actually the first time that I was able to create any – normally they are made for me!! Quick Orange Pancake Recipe Detailed Orange Pancake Recipe For both Rach and I when we have had […]

Individual Beef Wellingtons

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​It was Valentine’s day, and I wanted to make Rach a 3-course dinner, I was trying to decide what to do for a main when I thought about doing an individual beef wellington each. Now when you think about doing wellingtons, you will automatically assume they are hard to get right and to be honest […]

Egg Benedict Recipe

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Eggs Benedict is usually my go to breakfast if at a hotel or restaurant if I don’t fancy a full english, when done right they can be amazing! The problem I find sometimes when I have egg Benedict is that too much vinegar is used so it has more of a vinegar taste than actual […]