Pea Soup With Ham & Poached Egg

Pea Soup With Ham & Poached Egg - quick and easy starter recipe. Perfect starter for a dinner party, pea soup tastes amazing! | had friends round for a meal so I was in my element and wanted to make a nice 3 course dinner, this pea soup was the starter that I decided to do. I have done a few soups in the past so thought a nice soup would be a good starter.

I made a broccoli and stilton soup before which was very nice but wanted to try something different and that’s when I thought about pea. Initial it was going to be a pea and mint soup but then started thinking about the traditional dish pea, ham and eggs.

That’s when I decided to make a nice pea soup and grill some prosciutto for the ham element and then place a nice poached egg in the middle, the pea soup was easy and quick to make but more importantly it really did taste amazing!

I know a number of soups recommend blitzing everything in a blender and then putting it through a sieve to remove any bits, I didn’t do this. To be honest I prefer a nice lumpy soup as it gives it a really nice texture which I find homely, perfect if you’re looking for comfort food.

I also decided to make the soup in the morning and reheat it in the evening and then do the prosciutto and egg, it tastes just as good and is a perfect way of doing it so you don’t need to make everything in one go. The first thing you want to do is finely chop the onions and garlic and sweat these off in a saucepan with a couple of tablespoons of oil. Cook these for roughly 10-15 minutes, until they are soft and golden.

Add 1 litre of vegetable stock and cook on a medium heat until it starts to boil, once it does add the peas and asparagus, pop on the lid and leave to cook for around 30 minutes or until the peas and asparagus are cooked and soft. Once fully cooked put through a blender, this pea soup recipe does make a decent amount so I had to do this in a couple of batches.

Once done add the double cream and give it a good stir through and season, if you’re having it now keep it on a low heat to keep it warm whilst you work on the ham and eggs. For the prosciutto I just teared it into rough bits and put into a saucepan and cooked until it was fully cooked.

Whilst this is cooking you want to heat up a large saucepan of water for you to use to poach the eggs.

Once the eggs are done, spoon out the soup into bowls, add the egg on top and sprinkle the cooked prosciutto. Add some seasoning and enjoy!!!


Pea Soup With Ham & Poached Egg

Pea Soup With Ham & Poached Egg - quick and easy starter recipe. Perfect starter for a dinner party, pea soup tastes amazing! |

Turn the traditional Pea, Egg and Ham into something different and make this incredible soup…Easy and VERY Tasty

  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 45 minutes
  • Total Time: 50 minutes
  • Yield: 6 1x
  • Category: Soup
  • Cuisine: Starter


  • 4 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 onions finely chopped
  • 3 cloves of garlic chopped
  • 1 litre of Vegetable stock
  • 600 g of Garden Peas
  • 6 stalks of Asparagus
  • 150 ml of Double Cream
  • 4 slices of Prosciutto
  • 6 Eggs


  1. Heat up the olive oil in a saucepan and when hot add the onions and garlic, cook for 10-15 minutes or until soft and golden
  2. Add the stock and cook until it reaches boiling point
  3. Add the peas and asparagus, cover the saucepan and cook for 30 minutes or until cooked and soft
  4. Put through a blender until it is all fully blended and return to heat
  5. Stir through the double cream and turn to a low heat to keep warm
  6. Roughly rip the prosciutto into small pieces and put into a saucepan and cook until it’s fully cooked.
  7. Add a saucepan of water to a saucepan, once simmering drop the eggs to make poached eggs. For a method on poaching eggs have a look at this video:
  8. Once done put the soup in bowls, top with the egg and sprinkle the ham with seasoning.


  • Calories: 361
  • Sugar: 8.6
  • Sodium: 382.1
  • Fat: 24.4
  • Saturated Fat: 8.9
  • Carbohydrates: 20.6
  • Fiber: 6.2
  • Protein: 15.9
  • Cholesterol: 227.3

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  1. Wow. So interesting. Pea soup is one of my favorite soups! I have got to try it with the egg. I also like the pancetta addition!

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah the addition of the egg is interesting, I like it but not sure if its everyones tastes 🙂 – let me know what you think if you do make it

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