Best Potato Masher 2020

Best Potato Masher

A Potato Masher is something that every kitchen should have if you are looking for soft, silky and lump free mash potato. Below you will find a buyer’s guide to help you make a decision that’s right for you, as well as a list of the best potato mashers.

Best Potato Masher 2020

Homemade mashed potatoes are an iconic centerpiece for any roast dinner. However, they are absolutely delicious for other times of the year as well. Everyone has their own method of cooking this classic dish, whether it’s with a stand mixer or a potato masher.

While the debate of which method is best sparks up conversation, the tried and true method is the potato masher. This no-frills way to make mashed potatoes has produced some of the best-tasting taters out there!

Potato Masher Reviews


The OXO Good Grips Nylon Masher is a perfect gadget for your kitchen, perfect for mashing them potatoes or vegetables. One of the things I like about this one is that it’s so incredibly easy to clean, there are no spaces that potatoes can get stuck in unlike some of the metallic mashers.

The black color is very stylish and it’s actually very comfortable to hold, the handle is soft and doesn’t cause any slipping or friction when used. As its made from Nylon and not metal, it is heat resistant (incase you leave it in the hot pan like me a couple of times)

In terms of pricing, this one is actually very reasonable in cost and this is surprising with how good quality the materials are. It certainly doesn’t feel like a cheap potato masher.

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Jamie Oliver JB8500

The Potato Masher from Jamie Oliver is pretty different when it comes to the look, it does have the same masher part but that’s where the similarities end. The majority of it is made from stainless steel, except the centre of the handle is plastic and this helps give it that little extra comfort.

One thing I do like is the head, as at first glance it might look like others it does have some small differences that make a big difference to your mash. The holes on the outside are actually larger than the holes in the inside, this is done to help reduce the lumpiness of your potato.

Do you ever find when you mash the potato, you always end up with some on the side of the saucepan. With this you wont, as it does feature a side scraper so you can ensure none of it is wasted.

Very easy to clean, it’s comfortable and it’s pretty good value for money.

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The masher from Joyoldelf is a pretty standard design when it comes to potato mashers, however it is made from high quality materials. It is the high quality stainless steel which makes the head more durable and allows you to mash more than just potatoes such as sweet potato, banana and other vegetables.

It’s incredibly easy to clean and with the handle being plastic, it’s very comfortable to hold and you shouldnt experience any slipping of your hand. This masher also features a hook on the end, allowing you to either hang it or pop it in your drawer.

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Another recommended masher from OXO, this one however is a very different design. You may spot this as a highly recommended product on many other websites and has very high review ratings on Amazon and it is a very good choice.

The handle itself allows you to hold it horizontally and this is something that many people do find more comfortable. If you do make a lot of mashed potato then this masher is perfect as the stainless steel head is 12 x 16 cm.

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This one is a little different to all of the others as it is actually an electric potato masher. Since it uses a blade, it’s perfect for mashing potatoes as well as other things such as baby food and vegetables.

Some might consider this as a blender and it is, however it does come with parts specifically for mashing potato. This is great if you want your potatoes to be a specific consistency.

Even though it is electric, it’s also still very easy to clean.

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Now this is an unusual looking product, however it’s also very good. Starting off with the handle, as it’s ergonomic it is much more comfortable when holding it. Onto the actual design itself, you will notice that it doesn’t have your typical holes you normally see.

This is because it uses a total of 9 blades that are parallel to each other, these should make it easier and quicker to mash potatoes.

The blades themselves are stainless steel and therefore like the rest of the masher it can be easily washed. You shouldnt experience any problems with potato getting stuck in the blades, so it can easily be cleaned. If you do find the typical design  hard or uncomfortable to use, this one would be a great choice.

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If you are looking for a very fine mashed potato, this might be the right masher for you. The head of it has very small holes, this means that when you mash the potato it will pass through even finer than alternatives.

The design of the product itself is nice and sleek and more importantly it is very light weight. There is a hook at the end so you can either hang it up or just place it into your draw.

What I do like is how robust it is, it should last you a decent amount of time. The handle and the head are welded together, which means there is less likely chance of this part breaking when in use.

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Potato Masher Buyers Guide

It’s not always clear what you should look for in a potato masher. Should you get a cheap one that’s going to break in a couple of days/weeks, or why not consider what you are actually going to use it for.

Below you will find a buyer’s guide, to help you find the right one for you.

Uses of a Potato Masher

There are two ways to prepare mashed potatoes; one includes using a stand mixer which is an electric machine that does all the work of mixing up freshly boiled potatoes. This may be convenient, however, some may see this as a little lazy. Oftentimes, stand mixers will produce more of a runny mixture and entirely too smooth, more like a puree substance.

Using a more traditional way of getting perfect mash is through the handheld method of a masher. These simple-looking kitchen utensils are either made of metal or plastic with a flat base and holes or slots to really “mash-up” the potatoes. Preparing potatoes this way truly makes for a more rustic potato which some people prefer. But what else can a masher be used for? While potatoes come to mind first, it does have other uses! Below are some other great ideas for a masher utensil!

Other Uses for a Masher Utensil

Sweet potato casserole – Mashing sweet potatoes for a rustic casserole classic is a great way to use this utensil!

Guacamole – There’s nothing quite like homemade guac. The most perfect blend of avocado, onions, and spices can be masterfully blended with a masher!

Applesauce or apple cobbler – Homemade applesauce tends to have less sugar content and is quite a treat to prepare. Masher utensils create the consistency needed for delicious applesauce. Apple cobbler is another iconic dessert that can be prepped with a masher. Slightly smashed apple bits mixed with granola or pie crumbs make for the best cobbler!

Hummus – Some would argue that hummus has to be processed in a food processor to get the right mixture. While that can be true, smashed chickpeas and tahini makes for a more chunky hummus that appeals to some taste buds!

Pie crust mixer (or pastry blender) – Every pie crust starts with ice-cold butter and quality flour. Typically a pastry blender is used, one of those small handheld moon-shaped wire bladed cutters. However, that butter can be mixed into the flour with a potato masher as well. The holes or slots in the masher can do the same job as a pastry blender, if not better. The larger handle on a masher gives better control of how the butter gets cut into the flour mixture!

Breadcrumb crusher – This use for a potato masher can actually double up as a cookie crusher as well. Homemade breadcrumbs or cookie toppings start in a Ziploc plastic bag and require some crushing to get the right texture for certain recipes. This is where the masher comes in handy! It can create big or small pieces that are desired by the length of time it is used to crush these items up! From crackers for breadcrumbs or cookies for ice cream toppers, a masher is a great tool!

Cookie impressions – Forks are a thing of the past when it comes to imprinting cookie tops. Mashers create a more decorative flair to any cookie top, specifically peanut butter or sugar cookies. Depending on the hole or slot shape of the masher, some really pretty designs can be pressed into a cookie. The square holes can make a cookie top look checkered almost while the slots create perfect grooves!

Meat mixer – What truly makes a masher so special are those magical slots or holes. These aerate while they mix which is what makes them so perfect for a lot of these ideas. Another use for a potatoes masher that people may not consider is mixing meat. This could be for meatloaf or even hamburgers. It can blend up all the spices, crumbs, egg, etc. into the meat!

These are just some of the best ideas to consider using a potato masher. There are other things that a masher could be used for, but these ideas are some of the greatest!

Why Use a Potato Masher?

Referring back to the use of a stand mixer, some would ask why even use a potato masher? Sure, a stand mixer or even a handheld electric mixer may gain results some may prefer. However, a masher is an original way to mash up potatoes for a delicious tasting mash. They may require a little elbow grease, however, that makes the dish being created even more remarkable! It truly helps give cooks confidence that great tasting dishes can come from basic utensils!

What to Look for When Buying a Potato Masher

Mashers come in various shapes and designs, so they aren’t as “basic” as some may say. There are some key features to check for when purchasing a potato masher. It should be sturdy and able to withstand constant movement. Some cheaper versions may have an attractive price tag but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for! Below are the best features to consider when looking into buying a potato masher!

Best Features of a Quality Masher

Build and design – This may seem obvious but the build and design of the masher should be considered. What style fits someone’s needs? Are there slots or holes? Slots are sometimes best as they sort of look like s-shaped designs that can get into every bit of a bowl’s contents. Holes can push the ingredients through the holes over and over. Consider which may fit the overall needs of the utensil.

Material – There are plastic versions of these out on the market. But are they really good quality? The simple answer is no. Metal material is not only stronger and more durable for mashing needs but it simply better quality.

Handle – The handle of a masher can be made of a variety of things. This can include, plastic, metal, or even wood. Metal and wood will give a better grip. However, the overall choice should be made based on how it feels in someone’s hand. Is it comfortable? Is the grip sturdy?

Versatility – How versatile a masher is should be considered as well. To really address this feature, it can be safely said that almost every masher will produce a wide range of uses.

Easy to clean – Most mashers look intimidating to clean due to their holes and slots. However, they can be easy to clean. Metal ones will be easiest as plastic tends to capture debris in the small spaces more.

Price – Investing in a good masher is a great idea. Sure, a dollar store masher may get the job done, however, does it really produce the results desired? A good, quality masher will not only last a lifetime but also yield the best tasting results. Some price ranges may include $10 to $40. When looking at a more expensive masher, always weigh out the other features to ensure the price is really worth what is being bought!

Potato mashers are such a crucial kitchen utensil. It is a well-rounded utensil with many purposes during meal prep. Every kitchen should have a good, quality masher among its tools!


I really hope you have found this article on Potato Mashers interesting, and been able to find the right one for you and your needs. If you do have any comments or questions please do leave them below.

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