Craig Sherrington

Craig Sherrington Interview

Craig Sherrington was more than happy to spend some time out of his busy schedule to do this interview. Watching him on Great British Menu, his food looks incredible. You can find him at Virginia House in Cumbria. The restaurant looks very nice and the menu looks incredible, you can even try his Great British Menu courses!

Chef Interviews – Darren Watson

Darren Watson Chef - Read the chef interview of Darren Watson. Find out what got him interested in becoming a chef -

@Saigonchef2016 Reflections Restaurant Darren Watson has been more than happy to give some of his time and a I really appreciate him taking part in this Chef Interviews. I could really tell that Darren has a real passion for food as well as the overall food industry. Looking at some of the dishes that […]

Tony Rodd MasterChef 2015 Finalist Interview

Tony Rodd - MasterChef 2015 Finalist, read the full interview |

Tony Rodd MasterChef 2015 Finalist Interview I first saw Tony Rodd on MasterChef and first time I saw the desserts he produced, you could tell he was a very good chef! Greg Wallace named him “The Master Chocolatier” and you can see why! Tony is an inspiration to me as he is someone that came […]

Mark Stinchcombe MasterChef Professionals 2015 Winner

Mark Stinchcombe MasterChef Professionals 2015 Winner

Mark Stinchcombe MasterChef Professionals 2015 Winner Mark was one of those chefs that really impressed me from the start, his food looked amazing and you could really tell that he had a passion for what he was doing. Mark met his wife and fellow chef Sue whilst working at le Champignon Sauvage, so I am […]

Nick Bennett MasterChef Professionals 2015 Finalist

Nick Bennett MasterChef Professionals 2015 Finalist - Chef Interview on

Nick Bennett MasterChef Professionals 2015 Finalist Nick entered MasterChef The Professionals thanks to his chef de partie, Zak. As well as having the desire to see how his skills compared to other chefs. Out of the 48 quarterfinalists Nick made it to the final 5, which goes to show how talented he is. I remember […]

Scott Barnard MasterChef 2015 Finalist

Scott Barnard MasterChef

Scott Barnard entered 2015’s MasterChef The Professionals thanks to the push from his friend, wife and head chef. Throughout his time on MasterChef he has produced some incredible dishes for the judges and cooked his way to finals week. Scott is Sous chef at the incredible Colette’s restaurant at The Grove Hotel in London and […]

Andi Walker MasterChef 2015 Finalist

Andi Walker MasterChef

Andi Walker did an incredible job on MasterChef the Professionals , and should be proud of what he achieved on the show. I was reading about what inspired him to enter and to be honest did make me a little emotional. His grandmother sparked his love of cooking and has recently become ill with dementia […]

Chef Interview – Dean Westcar

I was watching Masterchef the professionals 2015 and was in awe at the dishes being made, I cannot remember which week it was but Dean made a white chocolate dessert with raspberries and it looked incredible. As soon as I saw it I took to twitter to tell him what a great job he did […]

Chef Interviews – Mark Heirs


Mark Heirs has always been around food, with his parents owning pubs and restaurants. He used to help out in the kitchens and his love of food has continued to develop into adulthood. Mark appeared on Masterchef 2008 and did very well getting to the quarter finals. Mark even spent time working in well-known restaurants such […]

Chef Interviews – Gavin Long

Gavin Long Chef Interview |

Gavin Long is a 19 year old chef based in Cardiff, he is head patisserie chef at HogWurst and I can see why! Looking at his images on Instagram, he is extremely talented! Id like to thank Gavin for taking part in the interview and wish him well working at Cafe North in Cardiff When […]