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world-in-bottlesHave you ever heard of Slovenian wine? Up until a couple of weeks ago I had not. Rach and I love wine and make a point to try and have a different bottle every week. Going through the shelves and picking one that we have never tried before.

A friend had told me about Slovenian Wine and introduced us to World In Bottles. World In bottles is a website that sells Slovenian Wine straight from the award winning wineries. All of the wines available are exclusive and are hand picked by their buyers to ensure they are the best quality.

What I really like is the fact that each bottle of wine that is sold online is produced by small family run vineyards. The wine is not mass produced and is often made in Slovenia using many traditional methods.

I also like the fact that you are not restricted to what wine you can buy. They do have pre-made boxes of the Slovenian Wine but you can also buy individual boxes if you want. The actual price of the wine is also decent. It’s not as cheap as store bought, but then again that is mass produced and how much quality are you getting for your money once you take VAT etc away.

What Wine Did I Try?

Regardless of the type of wine you like, you will find a bottle from Slovenia. Whether you’re partial to a nice full bodied red, a dry white, a sweet rose or even a Slovenia orange wine!!

Rach and I originally just drank rose wine. More recently over the past few years have been enjoying some nice red wines. We do have the odd white wine but we don’t tend to like the dryer varieties

I was gifted 3 bottles of wine to try from World in Bottles and I have to admit all 3 of them were great!.

Pinot Gris By Batic – Orange Slovenian Wine

Batic Orange Slovenian WineI have never experienced orange wine. It’s important to note that it’s not orange in flavour, but orange in the actual colour of the wine. They do say that it’s a wine for a special occasion, making it a perfect wine to try on Valentine’s day.

I do often try to make Rach a romantic meal on valentine’s day and this year was no different. We enjoyed scallops for a starter and grilled salmon for our main. The wine suited both of them perfectly. At the same time I do believe the wine can be enjoyed without food as well as with food.

Whilst drinking I imagined having it in the summer, whilst in the garden with friends having some food alfresco style. It taste fresh and is a refreshing wine, to enjoy anytime.

I would say it’s in the middle of being dry and sweet, which should cater for most palettes. When tasting it you can get the flavours of apples, pear and honey. Smelling it you get hints of all the flavours with a little smokiness.

At 14% volume it’s a decent strength but not too much and is a very enjoyable wine to drink. It is certainly one that I will be ordering again and would recommend giving it a go. Afterall have you ever had Orange wine from Slovenia before??

Check out this amazing wine here –

Merlot By Scurek

Merlot  Slovenian WineIf Rach and I fancy a red wine, we usually go for a Merlot or a Malbec. I was more than happy to have received this Merlot to give it a try. Red wines for me can vary, some are a little too heavy and I can only manage 1 glass. Some like this one I can drink glass after glass and it being a really easy drinking wine.

We enjoyed this Merlot with a beef wellington that I had made and it went incredibly well together. I recently made a duck with a plum sauce and this wine would have also gone well with that.

The wine has hints of plum, raspberry, blackberry and blackcurrant smells and flavours. Making it an all rounder and perfect to be enjoyed with any Sunday Roast. As I said it was a easy drinking red, I could have happily drank it without food whilst enjoying a good film.

Strength wise it’s 12.5% and is made 100% from the merlot grape. It’s reasonable in price at only £14.90 per bottle. When you think it’s made by an independent wine maker and not mass produced, it’s a very good price.

Check out this amazing wine here –

Rose by Batic

This was the 3rd wine that we enjoyed. It was nice although probably my 3rd favourite. This is a rose wine, which we do usually enjoy. The wine did have a slight fizz to it, which was a surprise. We enjoyed this wine with a nice sea bass dish with a scallop starter and it matched really well.

It is a refreshing wine and think it would be better suited to be drank in the summer months. Like the orange wine, I could imagine having it during a BBQ.

Its 12.5% alcohol and is made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. It has a hint of raspberry, strawberry, cranberry and peaches smell and taste, with an additional flavour of cream.

Check out this amazing wine here –

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