Dean-WestcarI was watching Masterchef the professionals 2015 and was in awe at the dishes being made, I cannot remember which week it was but Dean made a white chocolate dessert with raspberries and it looked incredible.

As soon as I saw it I took to twitter to tell him what a great job he did and have been impressed with all of his dishes in the weeks following. Dean was more than happy to take part in the interview, which I really do appreciate from such a great talent.

Dean Westcar made it through to the Semi-Finals of Masterchef the professionals 2015, for which he should be very proud of himself as I think he did a great job. Masterchef was not the first competition Dean has entered, he entered and won South West Professional Chef of the year in 2014.

Since Masterchef the professionals 2015, Dean has taken on a new role at Lucknam Park in Colerne. This new role will allow him to develop his skills and he is also keen to get involved in the cookery school. The cookery school looks excellent with some nice courses coming up, some that i’d love to try and experience in the future.

When Did You First Have An Interest Cooking?

At a very young age, my parents always made home cooked meals for my brothers and I. I was fascinated how you could turn simple ingredients into something so tasty!

How Long Have You Been Cooking Professionally?

Eight years.

Where Do You Get Your Inspiration From?

The ingredients and produce that comes through the door, my team and vast amounts of books!

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What Was Your Best Bet Of MasterChef 2015

The group challenge at the Law Society and creating my pork and scallop dish for the cook off after it!

How Would You Describe Your Cooking Style?

My cooking style is very simple i like to use the best ingredients i can find and let them do the talking

What Course Do You Prefer To Cook?

I don’t really have a favourite but if I had to choose it would be starters.

What Is Your Favourite Dish/Signature Dish to Make?

Line caught wild sea bass, Jerusalem artichokes, pickled crones, crab croquette and roasted hazelnut puree.

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What Ingredient Do You Love To Cook With The Most?

Mackerel… I love how versatile it is.

What Inspired You To Enter MasterChef 2015

The challenge! Just to see what I was made and how I compare to some of the most talented chefs in the country.

Which Other Chefs Inspire You?

Richard Davies, Hywel Jones, Grant Achatz, Tom Kerridge, Anton Piotrowski & Brent Savage. There are many more but too many to write down!

Any Advice You Would Give To People Wanting To Become A Chef?

It’s hard work at the start, the hours are long and the pressure is intense but just stick at it and after a few years it will pay off and you will create something magical.

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Any Thing You Would Like To Share, IE New Book? Development At Restaurant etc? 

I’ve just taken on a new role at Lucknam Park in Colerne, where I am hoping to develop my skills further and get involved with the cookery school there.

Where To Find Dean Westcar?

Twitter: @DeanWestCar
I would just like to thank Dean again for taking part in the interview, I really do appreciate it. Id love it if everyone else could show their appreciation and follow him on Twitter 🙂

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  1. That was a good read, thanks! I was a big fan of Dean in MasterChef, gutted that he didnt get through (I think he should have!!)

    Samantha x

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