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Hello FreshI have seen Hello Fresh advertised a couple of times and was always interested in trying it out, I have tried a few subscription boxes in the past and do like the way they work. One of the things that got me interested in Hello Fresh was I tend to work lat some nights, therefore deciding on what to eat can sometimes be a pain. I also tend to have bigger portion sizes and having something like Hello Fresh means that my portions are a little more controlled.

I tend to also stick to the same types of meals and even though I am venturing out a bit more and trying new things, Hello Fresh forces me to try new dishes and I find this exciting 🙂

Hello Fresh provide a number of options for sized boxes, giving something that is suitable for all. You can choose between Classic box, veggie box, family box or your can try their trial box out which allows you to give it ago without subscribing.

Once you have chosen which box you want you can then pick the size, whether its for 2, 3 or 4 people. You can then pick between having 3 meals or 5 meals per week, the more you chose the more expensive it becomes. I chose the 3 meals a day for 2 people which doesn’t force me to just eat these meals every week, I can follow my own recipes as well. The cost of 3 meals a week for 2 people works out at £39.00, which I don’t think is too bad for a total of 6 meals.

What was the delivery Like for my Hello Fresh order?

hello FreshWhen I chose my box I selected the available delivery day that this and all future boxes would be delivered on. The delivery slot was between 9 and 5 so ideal with my work and is delivered via Yodel, which I have had bad experiences with before but after having several boxes from Hello Fresh they have always delivered them.

The boxes are always cold when received and undamaged.

What is the Hello Fresh box contents like?

One of the things that impressed me about Hello Fresh was the box contents. On one side of the box you have the meat separated which was then in a cooler bag to keep it cold and fresh, even having it in the office all day it was still cool when I unpacked it at home in the evening. On the other side of the box the vegetable items can be found along with any sauces, creams or spices that are needed in their own packaging.

On the top of the box are a few offers along with the 3 recipe cards.

It looks as though a lot of care goes into the packing of each box!

What are the Hello Fresh recipes like?

I love the recipes that come with Hello Fresh!

Each recipe comes on a card with a nice image of the meal to wet your appetite, it shows what ingredients it needs and on the other side step by step method with nutrition details.

The recipes I have tried so far I found where very easy to follow yet still allowed you to adapt them slightly to suit your own tastes.

The ingredients I felt where of great quality and this resulting in the food tasting excellent!

Here are a couple of things I have made so far

hello Fresh Meal Hello Fresh Meal 2

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