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Gary Danko San Francisco Review

RATING (4.5/5)


Gary Danko San Francisco 1We visited Gary Danko Restaurant In San Francisco as part of our honeymoon in 2014, it was the very first restaurant we went to in America on our first day in the country – we were not disappointed.

Our day started around 6AM in the UK with an outbound flight from London Heathrow to San Francisco, saying we were excited was a massive understatement. Neither Rach or I have been to America and it was somewhere I have wanted to visit my entire life. It’s a crazy flight and experience travelling so far as we left around 9 in the morning, travelled for around 12 hours and landed at 1pm in the afternoon!!

We should have been tired but the excitement kept us going!

I paid for us to get picked up as thought this would be easier than getting a taxi, the driver took us quickly to our hotel which was the Sir Francis Drake. Its an excellent hotel and in a great location so would recommend it.

I had pre-booked Gary Danko San Francisco several months prior to coming and booked it for the first night in America, so we could properly celebrate. The table was booked for 7pm so by the time we go to the hotel we still had 5 hours till our reservations, we knew we shouldn’t sleep so we decided to drop our cases off and have a walk around San Francisco for a couple of ours.

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We didn’t go anywhere particular as we had not had a chance to get to know the area, we did however get plenty of exercise walking up and down the hilly streets!! We arrived back at the hotel, got changed and sat in the bar and had a couple of drinks before ordering a Taxi to take us to Gary Danko’s.

When we arrived at the Gary Danko’s Restaurant our table was not quite ready so we sat at the bar and enjoyed a couple of Kir Royals, which went down incredibly well! We were soon shown to our table and given menus. We were soon brought bread, water and drinks order taken which was all done smoothly and quickly.

The restaurant works on a set course price, you can have 3 courses, 4 courses or 5 course. We went for the 3 course which worked out before tip as around £60. If you say a starter and dessert are around £10 each then the main meal was about £40. This would be one of the more expensive meals that I have been to so far, but at the same time it was very nice and worth the money.

For starter I had Crispy Farm Egg with Grits and that came with Royal Trumpet Mushrooms, Frisee and Pancetta. The egg was cooked to perfect, as soon as my knife cut through it and the yolk came pouring out – I knew id like it and I sure did.

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For my main meal I had Fillet of Beef which came with potato Grin, swiss chard and bordelaise butter. It was very nice and the beef was cooked exactly how I like it, believe me the main didnt last very long at all 🙂

I do wish that I chose something different for my main though, not because of the taste as I said it was very nice. As the food is very well cooked I wish I was a little more adventurous and tried something that I have never had before then such as the Quail or Venison.

We were both getting very tired now and even though we were having an incredible time due to all of the travelling we could both hardly keep our eyes open. We spoke to the head waiter and told him that we think we will miss desert due to all of the travelling and he completely understood. I cannot remember his name but throughout the entire meal he would come and see how the food was and at the same time get to know us a little IE find out about our holiday and plans etc which we felt was a nice touch.

The waiter soon appeared with a box and he gave it to us, inside was a selection of little desserts. He told us to get some rest and enjoy our desserts the next day, we sure did as they were incredible.

I would say when you have not slept for awhile you do make mistakes when calculating the bill… we left giving a 50% tip!!!

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By the time we had gotten back to the hotel after our meal, we had been awake for around 26 hours…believe me as soon as my head touched the pillow I went straight to sleep! 🙂

I would fully recommend visiting Gary Danko San Francisco, food tasted excellent and the service was incredible. I just wished we were not so tired, if we visit SF again we will certainly book into this restaurant again.

Where To Find Gary Danko San Francisco?

Address: 800 North Point St, San Francisco, CA 94109, United States

Phone: +1 (415) 749-2060


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