Chili Lime Chicken Recipe

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  1. In a bowl place the olive oil
  2. Zest 1 lime into the bowl and add the juice from the lime
  3. Deseed and finely chop the red chilli and garlic, add to the bowl
  4. Take the mint leaves from the sprigs and finely chop, add this to the bowl
  5. Stir everything in the bowl to fully combine
  6. Place the Chicken thighs in a oven dish and pour the bowl over to ensure fully covered
  7. Put the chicken in the fridge and allow it to marinate for 30-60 minutes
  8. Once it’s marinated place in a hot pan, skin down.
  9. Pre-heat oven at 170 Degrees
  10. Fry to crisp the skin on the thigh, roughly 5-10 minutes
  11. Once the skin is crispy place back with the marinade and put in the oven for 30 minutes or until cooked and juices run clear
  12. Once you plate the chicken cut the remaining lime into wedges and squeeze a little juice over the chicken.