Westin Gourmet Order #1 Review

Westin-Gourmet-OrderHow Did I Find Ordering From Westin Gourmet

I found the website very easy to navigate and find exactly what I was looking for. Along the navigation it had special offers and then was split into the types of meat IE Beef, Pork etc. It then had additional items if needed from the Delhi and then other options.

Placing my card details and address information was quick and took next to no time at all.

What Was Westin Gourmets Delivery Like?

As it was mid month I didn’t need to place a large order, therefore I didn’t qualify for free shipping. If however you spend I believe over £75 then you do get free shipping.

I made my order of Westin Gourmet on the 11th of October which was a Saturday and the next available delivery slot was the following Wednesday, which I think was very quick.

What Did I Order From Westin Gourmet?

Westin-Gourmet-BeefMinceExtra Lean British Beef Mince – 400g

I ordered the extra lean and it was below 5% fat, which is perfect as I sometimes aim to have slimming world meals which when using mince should be below 5% fat. It came packaged perfectly and looked as thought it had a lot of taste.

Westin-Gourmet-FilletSteakFillet Steaks – x2 5-6oz

When I have received fillet from other companies in the past it always looked smaller than I was expecting. These two were a decent size but also have nice marbling on them, so they should taste very nice!

Westin-Gourmet-PorkBritish Pork Loin Steaks

With Pork Loin I will usually buy a joint and cut it into steaks as I can have them whatever thickness I like, plus it often works out a bit cheaper as well! I would say I was a little disappointed with them as some to me were very thin. This wouldn’t however put me off from ordering from Westin Gourmet again, I might just take a look at what other pork they offer.

Westin-Gourmet-BaconRindless Smoked Back Bacon

I love bacon….bacon…hmm bacon. I eat a decent amount of bacon as I really enjoy a mid-week and weekend breakfasts with bacon. I have tried this meat and it tasted really nice, it wasn’t too salty which I often experience with supermarket bacon.

Westin-Gourmet-ChickenRed Tractor Whole Chicken

It was a bit smaller than I expected but I think thats because its vacuum packed and more importantly not injected with water to make it look bigger. I am looking forward to trying to recipe with this chicken over the weekend!

Westin-Gourmet-chikenbreastChicken Breast Fillets – 2.5kg

Westin Gourmet certainly know how to impress me with chicken breasts! The box was large and had a good amount of breasts in them, but what I really liked was the size of them. They are nice and large and more importantly the same size, there is nothing worse than getting a pack of two breasts at the supermarket and one being much smaller!

Westin-Gourmet-duckBarbary Duck Breasts

I love duck, its got such a nice taste to it. These are of a good size and there is not too much skin on them. Now I know the skin is important as the fat will render out, however some I have gotten in the past just had too much where as these look perfect!

What Did I Pay?

The entire order came to £45.80 with £4.95 shipping as I didn’t qualify for their free shipping, which I think is pretty damn good for what I got. Which when doing a rough calculation was cheaper by £15 than if I was to go to the supermarket, and it looks better quality!

Would I Order Again?

Yes, I think Westin Gourmet not only offer great value for money but the quality of the meat is excellent. I do plan to order from other companies as well so I will be able to review them as well as compare their meats. Overall thought I am VERY happy with the order that I received and would recommend them.

I do hope this review has helped if you were thinking about ordering from Westin Gourmet and hopefully when I do receive another order in the future, ill review that one as well!

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