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Restaurant Name: Top Floor Development

Restaurant Description: Top Floor Development is not just a restaurant, it’s a unique dining experience. There is basically one large table next to the kitchen, where you can watch and even help the chefs to cook the meal for the table. Yes, I did say help and you can guarantee that as soon as I heard I could help. I was up there!

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Address: ​311-313 Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG5 2DA, England

Price Range: ££-£££

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Phone Number: 0115 708 0221

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Top Floor Development is run by the same company that runs The Cods Scallops on Mansfield Road in Nottingham. I have been there a couple of times and always had a great fish and chips when I heard about the development kitchen opening it it was something I had to try!

There were four of us in total, we were really looking forward to it as since Edwin was born we find it hard to find time to go out for meals (so it’s been a while!). Initially, when I found out we would be sharing the one table with complete strangers, I was a little apprehensive as I am not the most confident of people. At first but I actually enjoyed it and would love to do it again.

If you would love to watch your food get cooked and plated right in front of you and would even like to help, I would fully recommend booking!

About Top Floor Development Nottingham

The Top Floor Development Kitchen was originally used to help develop the Cods Scallops fish and chip shop downstairs. Interestingly it was where they made the sauces and specials etc. It was then that the owner John Molnar, an award-winning chef in Nottingham decided to turn it into a unique dining experience.

More recently Chef Dan Burridge has joined as the head chef, I have followed Dan for some time since Harts has been one of our favorite restaurants since our wedding there. His food and attention to detail are excellent and I cannot wait to see what he has in store in the open kitchen!

What Did I Have To Eat

We went on a night where there was a standard menu, they do however do themed nights such as Steak Supper, Feast on Fish and we, unfortunately, missed the Italian night. I have to say the food that we had did taste excellent and I have to say the mayo that I piped onto the plates, really added to the taste 🙂

Broccoli/Duck Egg Mayo/Parmesan

Starter dish from Top Development Kitchen |

Looking at the dish you would think it was fairly simple but it had some incredible flavors, each one working really well together. The egg Mayo was smooth and the parmesan was well aged and had a nice strong flavor. You can see from the image it had a sprinkle of paprika, which to me makes everything taste better.

Lamb Neck Fillet/Lamb Chop/Peppers/Black Cabbage/Borlotti

Lamb Main from Top Development Kitchen |

When we first arrived I noticed the Egg BBQ set up and having seen these a few times, I have always wanted one. The lamb chops where cooking and the smell was incredible, as well as the taste. I was in charge of plating the peppers and one of the sauces, I found it funny that I had to place exactly 5 peppers on each plate…although I do think someone got 7 🙂

The lamb neck was incredibly tender and worked really well with the Black Cabbage.

Chocolate Espresso Souffle/Hazelnut Ice Cream

Souffle Dessert - Top Development Kitchen |

I love a good souffle and this one tasted incredible, it was soft and fluffy with the espresso being subtle but noticeable. The Ice Cream was soft and had a flavor of hazelnut that went really well with the souffle

The Experience In The Kitchen

Top Flor Development is a unique experience as you get to get involved in the kitchen, something that I personally loved and got up as quickly as possible. I got up, put an apron on and washed my hands. I was having a look around and then the chef came and explained what was happening and then got me involved.

In the kitchen |

I have never really pipped anything before and my job was to pipe the Duck Egg Mayo onto the plates of the diners (sorry guys!). The first couple was interesting, I think those ones were for my wife and I. As I progressed they did get better and i’ll be honest I think they looked pretty damn good afterward.

The chefs are great and really explained the different elements of the dish, I had a tour of the Egg BBQ (I wish I could get myself one of them!) Overall it was a really good experience and cannot wait to do it again, I’d love to be able to spend as much time in the kitchen as possible!

How Was The Service?

The service was really good and since there were very few people it makes the service even more personal. The chefs are more than happy for you to get up and listen to their explanations of the different dishes and answer any questions you might have, something I really enjoyed.

Final Foodie Thought

If you are looking for not just a meal out but experience and you are passionate about food, I would fully recommend booking into Top Floor Development. The food was very tasty and the fact that you are in the kitchen as they make it, can help serve it and ask as many questions as you want makes for a great night.

I would recommend booking onto one of the theme nights, as you do seem to get more for your money. If they could open the kitchen up during the day to do cookery courses as well, that would be even more incredible – as they certainly have space!

If you do go to Top Floor Development, please let me know in the comments below. It would also be great when booking to let the restaurant know that you read this review and it helped make your decision on booking.

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