Targeting The Senses: The Look Of The Food

Taste is naturally the most important factor when it comes to making a pleasing dish; another vital factor is the appearance. If a dish looks good then this can help improve the overall experience the person has whilst eating it.

When you have gone for a meal and it was just put on the table, how often have you looked at it and thought that it doesn’t look very appealing?

I have started trying to plan my meals a little more, planning how they will taste as well as how they will look. Not only can a well thought out dish impress the person eating it, it can also make you feel a little more pleased and proud of what you have made.

I have found that a great way of doing this is to first work out what you intend to cook, list down everything that is going to appear on the dish.

Once you have that planned out, get yourself a pen/pencil and paper and draw the plate. Try to keep it to as close as the plate you are using ie if the plate is square then don’t draw a round plate.

Next draw on the centre piece of the dish, if you’re making a nice fillet steak then put the steak where you would like it to appear. Continue to draw on all of the details that you have listed on your plate, if it helps you could also add a little colour to help differentiate the different elements.

Its not excepted to be a work of art but a rough plan, if you can look at it and think it looks good – it’s a good design to go for!

I will be aiming to do this with as many dishes I make as possible, I will also try and add my sketches to any meals I have made so you can see exactly what I do J

Cooking is not just a way to eat, it can be an art form! – Enjoy it J

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