Support Your Local Farm Shop

Support your local farm shopThis article is not going to be about telling you that supermarkets are bad and to never shop at them ever again. I do still shop at supermarkets as it is available when I work late or is closer than my local farm shop. Saying that where possible I will aim to shop at my local farm shop and would recommend it.

4 Reasons why you should shop at your local farm shop

1) Better Quality

I have found that the produce purchased is of better quality and has more taste to it, its not a surprise really when you consider its been put on the shelves fairly soon after being sourced. The problem I find with supermarkets is that the shelves are full of food yes but its travelled from country to country, warehouse to warehouse before getting on the shelves.

There have been so many times when I have brought veg from the supermarket to find that its gone off a couple of days later.

I love my meat and can say that meat purchased from a butcher is so much better than one off the shelf in packaging, its bigger and has much more taste to it.

2) Can Save Money

Many people believe that farm shops or butchers are more expensive than going to the supermarket. In some instances that might be the case but again the quality you are getting is far better in farm shops so value for money you tend to get more from a farm shop.

At the same time though you may save some money on some items in a supermarket but other essential items tend to go up, resulting in you not actually saving any money.

The amount of times I have been to a supermarket as well and dropped stuff in the basket that I don’t need…

3) Healthier 

I could be wrong but I do believe all sorts of things are sprayed onto supermarket food, injected into meats so they stay fresher for longer (remember they have to travel a long way to get on the shelves). I personally like to know what I am eating and therefore a I would prefer to eat a bit of pork that has literally arrived at the farm shop that morning!

4) Put Money Back Into The Local Community

We need to support our local farmers and farm shops, purchasing produce from them will allow us to do that. Big corporations at the moment don’t seem to do a great deal to support their communities, intact many of them seem to think its good to avoid paying tax etc. Which in the long run is just hurting all the individuals that shop at their stores.

I was too young to remember but before the large supermarkets many people got their produce from local groceries and butchers, I do believe and hope that this will soon be the case.

Support your local farm shop and buy your produce direct from them, trust me the food you make with it will be smashing!

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