Steakhouse Nottingham – My Top 5 Steaks!

Best Nottingham Steakhouse | has some incredible restaurants with such a great diversity of cuisines. One of my go to meals when I’m out for a meal is steak, it’ usually on a lot of menus and really allows you to compare which offers the best tasting steak.

To me the key to a good steak house is how the steak is cooked, if I ask for it rare then I expect it to come rare. At the same time though there should be no redness as it should be well sealed but keep the taste.

What Makes A Good Steak?

Below are my top 5 steaks in Nottingham, but I thought it would be good to know what to me makes a good steak. This will depend on individual so can only go on what I think 🙂

Does It Come Cooked As I Would Like?

I have had a number of steaks and nothing annoys me more when I order a steak and tell them how i’d like it and it comes completely different. I usually ask for my steak rare because that is exactly how I like it.

Is Any Blood Showing?

Many people believe that when you order steak rare it will ooze with blood/red juices, this should not happen. A steak that has been cooked well should be seared properly to keep those juices sealed in.

The Entire Plate Comes Together?

Many places that I have been to they focus on the steak but then the chips don’t taste very nice or the mushroom is not cooked enough. The steak is naturally the main event but it’s the entire meal that makes it a nice experience, I like to have chips that are tasty and not burn as well as a sauce that adds to the steak but doesn’t take away from the natural flavours.

Here are my 5 favourite places that I have eaten Steak in nottingham, let me know what you think of them or even suggest your own recommendation. They are in no particular order, so enjoy them all 🙂

Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse

I have been to MPW Steakhouse Nottingham 3 times and had the fillet steak twice, both times it tasted incredible. It is not the cheapest with a 8oz steak costing £31 but I would honestly say its worth every penny, perfect for a special occasion.

I am not usually a fan of big chips but they were very tasty and cooked to perfection.

The last time I went I ordered the Blue Cheese sauce and it was very tasty, it had the perfect balance of blue and really made the dish even nicer than it did without.

I asked for my steak rare and came out just as I asked for 🙂


Marco Pierre White Nottingham 1

Harts Nottingham

Harts is an incredible restaurant and I have had enjoyed a couple of their dishes one of which was their fillet steak. It was a little different to many places that I have been to as it didn’t come with chips but sautéed potatoes. Before you scream at the screen and demand that steak should come up chips, give it a go – believe me it’s very nice.

The steak came just as I had asked and was sealed and cooked perfectly. It came with a nice peppercorn sauce which had a little kick but was not overpowering.



The Riverbank Bar & Kitchen Nottingham

I don’t have a imagine of the steak I had here but I wish I did, you would be able to see exactly how good it was. Like the other places I had treated myself to a fillet steak and for a 7oz one it works out at £26.95, which I think is very reasonable. The steak comes with the traditional mushroom, tomato, leaves and thick cut chips or fries (depending on what you prefer)

The steak that I had here has to be one of the best I have had in Nottingham, which is why it has made my top 5. Even after several years I can still remember how amazing it was and how it had impressed me so much with the taste and cooking ability.


Soulville Steakhouse

I don’t think there can be a list of top steaks in Nottingham without mentioning Soulville, after all that’s what they do!! They do fillet steak in 3 different weights, I had the 9oz which works out at £20.95 and comes with the traditional mushroom, tomatoes and chips – very good value for a nice cut of meat.

If you like steak then Soulville is a place you have to try.


Bear and Lace Nottingham

Bear and Lace is a fairly new restaurant but even though it is new I cannot deny that the steak they produce is incredible. Rach had ordered the steak and I had stolen a little of it, it was very nice!

The fillet steak was 7oz and came with mushroom, chips and confit tomato. The price was £24.95, which I think is reasonable.


If you are looking for a steakhouse in nottingham then I really don’t think you can go wrong with the above 5, these are my personal top restaurants for steak. In all 5 restaurants I had ordered the same cut of meat although the weight did vary, each was cooked perfectly to how I like.

They may not be the cheapest but to me they are incredible and would recommend each of them, if you was to have a nice meal out.

I would love your comments how these 5 restaurants, please feel free to comment below 🙂

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