Adam Handling Book Review - Smile Or Get Out The Kitchen | I learnt that Adam Handling had done a cook book, I had to take a look. The food he produced on Masterchef was incredible so would love to try and even slightly attempt some of the dishes he is capable of.

I placed my order and eagerly awaited for it to arrive..

The first thing I noticed was how bright the book was, full of pictures and colour which really helped make it a great read. At the front of the book is some information about Adam, which is really nice to read and get to know the chef behind the meals a little.

One if the things I really like about Smile Or Get Out Of The Kitchen is that every recipe has an image showing what the dish should look like. I personally prefer this as I always want to try and make my dishes as appealing as possible and if I have some idea as to what the dish should look like then it really helps.

Smile Or Get Out The Kitchen

With 70 different recipes, I am sure you will find some incredible dishes to make whether for a nice romantic dinner or for an impressive dinner party!

I have tried to make a couple of the dishes including the desert poached rhubarb and apple sorbet, which I think turned out very well. I am looking forward to trying a few more of the dishes.

Each individual recipe gives you a little summary of the dish, its characteristics i.e. sweetness, bitterness, servings etc.

It then goes into detail on the ingredients for each element and how to cook those elements to the dish.

Smile Or Get Out The Kitchen 2

What could be better?

I personally don’t think anything could be better, its an excellent recipe book and provides a good amount of detail of each recipe. The images look incredible and Adam is amazing at his art, so don’t be discouraged if you cannot make your dishes look exactly like his. I ams sure it will still taste just as amazing!

If you really like the look of his food then why not take a look at Adam Handling at Caxton and try out his tasting menu ( I have my eyes set on visiting, as soon as I am available to get down to London!

Final Take Away

If you are looking for some “wow” food that will really make your guests jaws drop with amazement then take a look at this book. Great tasting food that truly looks very impressive!

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