Reviewing Restaurants – My Thoughts

Restuarant-ReviewI started thinking about this post after a recent visit to a restaurant and I thought it would be good to get my thoughts down. I have only recently been reviewing restaurants and it was never to find a bad place but to find great places and offer recommendations. A number of times in the past I have wondered were to eat, reading a review has really helped make my decision easier.

I recently went somewhere that a lot of people rave about and say how good it is, however I was not impressed with the food not to the standards that others have mentioned.

I then started to question whether I should write a review, I don’t want to appear negative and at the same time I don’t want to potential put people off from going as I could have been a little un lucky.

Would my reviews lose credibility if I didn’t write about negative experiences? I think they would.

I am not the type of person to complain about a meal at the table, I just find that quiet an uncomfortable situation. I do however think its important to mention any negative experiences as it shows honesty but at the same time if the restaurant was to read the comments, it might help them make improvements.

I just wanted to get my thoughts out there and say if I ever make a negative comment about a restaurant it doesn’t mean that its not worth visiting.

How do I decide on what restaurants to visit?

To be honest usually ask myself 3 questions;

1) what do I fancy

2) what money do I have spare

3) have I been before

I often fancy different food whether English, French, Indian etc so whatever I fancy usually dictates where I’m going to go. The amount of money I have spare also factors in, if I don’t have the spare funds for an expensive meal then its more than likely I won’t be going.

I always like trying new places to eat, if I have a choice to go somewhere new then I certainly will do.

Do I get invited to restaurants

To this date I have not received any invitations to any restaurants so can only go on my thoughts on the subject. If I did get an invitation I would except BUT I would pay for the meal myself and I would book the table without telling them when it is.

I think its important when doing restaurant reviews that all comments are based on personal opinions and have not been swayed in anyway. I have heard a number of comments when a restaurant has had someone in reviewing their restaurant and they have received better service than the person on the other table. I believe this is wrong and all guests should be treated the same.

So there we have it….

Again this post was really just somewhere for me to think out loud, although I hope it has also helped people understand how I go about reviewing a restaurant and it gives reassurance that any comments I make are based on my personal views that have not been swayed in anyway.

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