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Rating (3.5/5)


prezzo nottingham restuarantRach and I have been to Prezzo many times, we have been for meals as a couple as well as in a group with family.

I was recently given a gift voucher from work which gave me a 3 course meal for two and a bottle of prosecco for Prezzo from a company called BuyAGift. We had not received one of these before but it was very easy to claim.

We booked Prezzo for a Friday night at 6 as a part of our date nate, nice meal and a film at the cinema along with a couple drinks…perfect! 🙂

What’s Prezzo Nottingham Location Like?

There are two Prezzo restaurants in Nottingham, one near broadmarsh and the other just around the corner from corner house. We have been to both of them and I prefer the one near the corner house, this is the one that this review is for.

Prezzo Nottingham is in an excellent location, there are hotels very close such as Park Plaza and the Hilton hotel. As it is located around the Corner House, there are many bars such as Slug & Lettuce, Revolution, Ride and Salt Water.  

There are a few more bars just walking distance such as Nicholsons and Bear & Lace.

What Did I have at Prezzo Nottingham?

The food was very nice, my only complaint with the food was the menu choice. The normal menu is big and there is plenty of options, however when cooking through BuyAGift the menu choice is much smaller.

Starter – Calamari with Pesto and Mayonnaise Dip

I have only had Calamari a couple of times, these ones are very nice. They had a lot of flavour and the dip that comes with it was very tasty.


Main – VIP Tre Gusti Pizza

A lot of the time when I eat at Prezzo ill get one of their Pizza’s, I do so because they taste amazing. They are made and cooked fresh in the pizza oven and after sitting and watching the pizza’s being made, you can really see why they taste so nice.

This was the first time I had a Tre Gusti and it was very nice, it had a bit more of a kick than I usually like but it had great flavours.


Dessert – Sticky Toffee Pudding

I have had a few puddings in Prezzo, this was not the first time that I had Sticky Toffee Pudding. It is very nice and the warmth of it combined with the cold ice cream is a great sensation.

I would say that it is a very stodgy pudding and I would expect them to be made in bulk instead of fresh but I would expect that from any chain to be honest.  


What Was The Service Like?

The service is usually very good, we have met the Manager many times and she is always more than happy to talk to you for a bit and make you feel welcome. This time I do feel the service was somewhat slow, there did only seem to be a couple of waiters on which I wouldn’t expect on a Friday night.

We did have to wait some time for our main to come and we sat waiting awhile to pay our bill, in fact Rach ended up taking the bill up to them.

As I have said though we have been more than 10 times and this is the first time we have experienced this, I do therefore feel it was an isolated issue and not of the norm.

Final Foodie Thought on Prezzo Nottingham

If you are looking for a nice meal out with a good atmosphere and great tasting food then Prezzo in Nottingham is perfect. Prezzo is also very cost effective and Id say that it is not too expensive for a nice meal out.

As I said previously I have been to Prezzo more than 10 times and I don’t think there has been a single time that the food didn’t taste amazing, which few restaurants can claim.

Where To Find Prezzo Nottingham

Address: 21-23 Forman St, Nottingham, Notts NG1 4AA

Phone: 0115 941 4798

Price Range: ££


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