Poached Rhubarb and Apple Sorbet

PoachedRhubarbandAppleSorbetI love sorbet and wanted to end the meal with a bit of wow, so I looked through my collection or recipe books. I came across Adam Handlings book and found the perfect dessert that I wanted to try. This desert is not directly the same but inspired from If your interested in his book, take a look at my review here(insert link)


Poached Rhubarb

* 4 Rhubarb Sticks

* Grenadine

Apple Sorbet

* 4 Apples – I would recommend Granny Smith

* 5 Tablespoons of Sugar

* Pure Apple Juice

* Green food colouring


Apple Sorbet

1) Remove the Apple Skin, Core and cut into roughly 1 cm cubes

2) Put Apples into a saucepan along with Sugar and Apple Juice

3) Boil until apples are soft

4) Remove from heat and allow to cool

5) Put into a food processor until its a puree

6) Strain mixture into a small container and mix in Green Food Colouring to give it a nice green colour

7) Place in freezer

8) Once frozen blend to a puree and then return to freezer

Poached Rhubarb

1) Cut the Rhubarb into roughly 9 cm

2) Peel skin off

3) Place into a container and cover with grenadine

4) Leave for at least 2 hours

5) Place in Oven at 160c/Gas mark 3 for 15-20 minutes or until soft

To Serve

I placed 4 of the Rhubarb onto the plate and then placed the Apple Sorbet on top. I then surrounded this with broken biscuits and some poached apple.

PoachedRhubarbandAppleSorbet PoachedRhubarbandAppleSorbet2

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