Pizza Stone For Oven

Pizza Stone For Oven - Make the very best stone baked pizza | is one of those meals that suits many occasions. Imagine you’re having friends round, a nice selection of pizza’s is perfect food to put on. Pizza is also perfect when enjoying a nice glass of wine whilst watching a film with a loved one. If you have kids then it’s also a perfect meal to get them involved and get them having fun in the kitchen.

The taste of pizza does however vary depending on what base you use, whether its own made or not and how you cook it. Have you ever wondered how you can get that nice stone baked pizza that you get in Italian restaurants without needing to have a big clay pizza oven?

A Pizza Stone for oven will do just that for you!

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What is a pizza stone?

A pizza stone is often known as a baking stone. The stone can absorb high heat without breaking as well as the food less likely to burn. Pizza stones are used as they help to mimic stone pizza ovens and give your pizza base a nice stone baked taste.

Pizza stones are incredibly easy to use in your home oven. The main thing you need to remember is to put the stone in your oven whilst the oven is cold and allow the stone to heat up with the oven. You want to put the oven to its highest setting and allow the pizza stone to heat for between 45-60 minutes before using. When you are finished you also want to leave the pizza stone in the oven to cool properly. If you do suddenly put it into a hot oven or cool it down quickly then it can crack.

Usually pizzas will take around 15-20 minutes to cook on the pizza stone.

When putting the pizza onto the stone or taking it off, be careful as the stone will be incredibly hot!

Benefits of using a pizza stone for oven?

  • Give Your Pizza That Restaurant Stone Baked Taste/Texture
  • Evenly Cook The Pizza (No Soggy Middle)
  • Incredibly Easy To Use
  • Low In Cost

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Where to buy a pizza stone for oven?

There are a number of different pizza stones available on the internet, some are round whilst others are square. It is also possible to get metal ones, although i’d be tempted to stick with the stone ones.
Savisto are well-known for providing good quality kitchen products. I have recently tried their cocktail making kit and also recently received and used their Pizza Stone for oven.

The pizza stone comes with a chrome stand, although I have not personally used this as tend to transfer the pizza straight to the plate. There is also the risk of burning yourself if you place the pizza stone on the table.

The Savisto pizza stone kit also comes with a nice pizza stone cutter with a good quality wooden handle. This was actually ideal and received just in time for my previous pizza cutter to snap…which was a pain!

What Are My Final Thoughts Of A Pizza Stone For Oven?

Pizza night on Saturdays have gotten even better since I brought a pizza stone. The flavourings really come out and I really like the stone baked tastes and textures. You can use a pizza stone with store bought bases but there is nothing better than a nice home made base.

A pizza stone is not essential when it comes to having nice pizza, I do however think they do enhance the taste of the pizza.

Believe me if you use a stone for the pizza, I am sure you will not go back to store bought pizzas or take out pizza.

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