Personal Chef – What Is One?

Personal Chef

Personal ChefHave you ever thought of a time when you fancied a really nice meal but couldn’t get a table or just wanted to be in the comfort of your own home? I sure have! Or going on holiday to a self catering cottage and thought how it would be really nice to be able to enjoy the cottage but at the same time have a really nice meal. This is very much possible with a Personal Chef.

So What Exactly Is Personal Chef?

A Personal Chef is hired to come to your home and cook you an incredible dinner. They will usually work with you to create a menu that you would enjoy, find the ingredients from local sources and create an amazing meal for you and your guests to enjoy.

Why Would I Want A Personal Chef?

Its understandable that you wouldn’t hire a personal chef on an typical day to cook for you after you have been at work. Instead you may want to look at getting the services of a personal chef if you are having some form of dinner party, or wanting to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary.

What Exactly Does A Personal Chef Do?

It does all depend on the personal chef, I am sure each has their own preferences. For example some may cook and clean up after themselves, where as others might require you to clean up or offering suggestions on other people that will do this for you.

As mentioned above when you have found a personal chef you want to work with, you would give them a bit of information on what the meal is for. If its a romantic meal in then the menu they design could be different to if you were having a dinner party with 6 or 8 people.

The Personal chef would submit the menu to you along with a rough cost, you would then approve the menu or suggest changes and pay a deposit when happy. They would then come to your house on the day of the meal, use your kitchen and the equipment available and make the agreed menu.

At the end of the evening you would then settle any outstanding money which would include the ingredients purchased, the chefs services and any gratuity.

Is A Personal Chef Cost Effective?

This would ultimately depend on the personal chef, I am sure there is a wide variety in costs based on skill/experience etc.

Many of us are not in the financial position to be able to have a personal chef cook for us on a daily basis or the desire, as I personally wouldn’t want to not cook (its an obsession ;))

For a special occasion though, I think it would be an excellent idea and one I certainly will be considering in the future.

When you look at going out for a meal, there are a number of costs some you may not think about;

* Babysitters (if you have children)

* Transport costs if neither of you want to drive

* Drinks prior and after the meal (if like me you like to visit a couple of bars before and after you have eaten)

* The actual meal included the restaurants marked up drinks

All of this does add up and id expect that a personal chef would be around this price or plus/minus a little.

Im certainly not suggesting you should never go out for a meal again!! That would be crazy!! 🙂

I just think the use of a personal chef would be excellent when wanting to treat your partner to an amazing meal but want the comfort of your own home, or when entertaining guests or even when on a self catering holiday and you want a special night.

Where Can I Find A Personal Chef?

Usually all Personal Chefs will have some form of website, any that I speak to will be added below based on region – to hopefully help you find one 🙂

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