New Yard Restaurant in Trelowarren

In June of this year (2018) we went on a week holiday to Cornwall, a destination we visit often. As you can probably tell from restaurant reviews, we like to come here. One of the reasons why it appeals to me is the food, and there are so many great restaurants to try. I found the New Yard Restuarant in Trelowarren, whilst looking on TripAdvisor and it looked great so we booked it.


Address: ​Trelowarren Estate, Mawgan, Helston TR12 6AF, England

Restaurant Type: Modern British

Price Range: ££-£££

Amount I Paid: £130 (2 People)

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Restaurant Website:

Phone Number: +44 1326 221595





This year we stayed a little further south in a little village called Angarrack, which is not too far from Hayle. We booked into two restaurants, one of which was the New Yard restaurant in Trelowarren.

Now I thought I would start this review off with the adventure of actually finding it; hopefully, this will prevent you from making the same mistake. (I’m just glad we left early). I would make sure if you are driving that you have a couple of sat navs running and check your destination. We were following the one built into the car, and it had shown that we were only 10 minutes away…

I hear the sat nav ask me to turn left, yet in my way was a field and there was no left turn for some time. I turned back, went over a tiny bridge and tried another route….This took us up a hill called Gist hill, which ended with a couple of houses (having to turn around on someone’s drive).

I could see the restaurant on the sat nav but it was no good, it couldn’t seem to find a route that was a route! Luckily I had my phone and put the postcode in there, and that managed to find it!

​It might be worth putting the destination as the Trelowarren Estate as New Yard Restaurant is on the estate.

​After a longer drive than planned, in the dark on some very very small roads, we finally arrived. (we were all very hungry by this point!)

​About New Yard Restaurant

The New Yard Restaurant or sometimes referred to as NYR is found in a characteristic courtyard and looks as though it was designed within a converted barn. From the car park, you walk into a courtyard which during a warm day would be great to sit out and enjoy a drink and some food (we went at night time).

​New Yard is found in the Trelowarren Estate, featuring 1000 acres of beautiful landscape and the perfect place for tranquility.

​We left at around 10:30 pm so it was completely dark and therefore couldn’t appreciate just how beautiful the area was. We did see some rabbits on the drive out and may have scared a horse looking at the car as we drove past!

​The Decor Of New Yard Restaurant

As mentioned above, the restaurant seemed to have been built in a converted barn. One of the things I liked was the large windows, allowing you to look out into the courtyard. When you walk in, there are tables to the left and the right. If sitting on the right you can look into the kitchen, and I like to watch the chefs cooking up a masterpiece. (I find it so interesting!)

​The chairs and tables give it a very rustic/cottage look and feel, the tables look incredible. (making an excellent background for pictures). There were pictures on the wall which helped to suit the theme/style of the restaurant. Overall it felt comfortable, and even though some would say the food was fine dining, it was not a stuffy/pretentious place.

​The Menu – What Did I Eat?

When we went, there were two menus to choose from, the main A La Carte menu or the set menu. I thought both of them were of great value. The set menu still had some great choices on them, so if you were not looking to spend too much then, this would be ideal. I decided to go for the A La Carte as the steak caught my eye right away.

They were very flexible as a couple in our group wanted the starter and dessert from the Set menu but a main from the A La Carte. The restaurant was more than happy to accommodate this, which I was great!

​As mentioned there were some great choices available on both menus, and If I went again, there would be plenty of dishes that I would want to try.

Image of Menu at New Yard Restuarant |

1. ​Starter – Aged Beef Tartare – £9.95

I have only had beef tartare a couple of times, but this one must have been the best, it was flavoursome, and the egg on top was perfect. It also came with a couple of croutons which, to be honest, I ate on their own so not sure if needed with the dish. There was also some horseradish which looked as though it was whipped, and it tasted lovely.

Beef Tartare - Starter at New Yard Restauarant |

2. ​Main – 50 Day Aged Sirloin of Beef – £28.50

As mentioned as soon as I saw the beef, I had to give it a go. It did surprise me when it came out as I was expecting it to look like a typical sirloin, but it came out looking like a fillet. It was cooked perfectly and had plenty of flavors and was seared perfectly.

​It was served with garlic button on top along with onion and bordelaise sauce. The steak also came with chunky chips, which were cooked to perfection. I often order steak as it helps to compare restaurants and this one was excellent.

50 Day aged steak I had at NYR, Trelwarren |

Chips side dish from NYR - Cornwall Restuarant |

3. Dessert – Lemon

I completely forgot to take a picture of the dessert menu, but there were some great choices. I decided to go for the lemon, which as you can tell from the image below it looked very interesting!.

I have to say this dessert has got to be one of the very best desserts that I have eaten in a long time. It looked incredible, but at the same time, each mouthful seemed to have a nice surprise of different flavors.

The top of the bowl was a layer of lemon mousse with some homemade honeycomb on top, and the honeycomb was. As you dig your spoon into the dish you then get a taste of meringue, the next spoonful you get a cold yet refreshing taste of lemon sorbet. At the very bottom of the bowl, you then get to the lemon curd, along with bits of honeycomb.

​I would go back to New Yard Restaurant again just for this dessert if I could. Since eating it, I have been thinking about ways in which I could try and recreate it. (I loved it, not sure if you can tell :))

Incredible Dessert from New Yard Restuarant in the Trelwarren Estate, Cornwall |

​How Was The Service?

The service on the night was good, and I expect it was not a busy night as there was only a couple of people working front of house. It was midweek, and fairly late, I’d imagine it gets really busy at the weekends.

When we came in, we waited for a little to be shown to our table. We received the menus quickly and got the first round of drinks in reasonably quickly as well. Overall the service was good, we never really sat waiting for them to come. The food came out at a decent spacing between courses.

​So overall happy with the service.

​Final Foodie Thought

I read a review before booking New Yard Restaurant that said it was a hidden gem since going I’d have to say that I agree. It is in the middle of a 1000 acre estate, which would be great to see during the day.

​The food was very good, and I think it was reasonably priced, so if you are looking for tasty food but not wanting to spend a fortune, then this is a great option. As I mentioned before the dessert was incredible and would recommend it to anyone!

Will I go again? If I am that side of Cornwall again, then I think I would go again. I believe they do a tasting menu once a month, I wouldn’t mind giving that a go to be able to experience a wider range of their food.

If you have been, please let me know in the comments below on what you thought. If you are thinking about going and have any questions, feel free to ask, and I’ll try and answer them

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