Mighty Fine Honeycomb Chocolate

Honeycomb chocolate bar from Mighty FineI love honeycomb and have tried to make it a few times in the past, each time it didn’t come out right. Still I won’t give up, eventually I will get it right hehe. There is something about honeycomb that I find so Moorish, if I have a meal out and see it in a dessert I usually have to get it 🙂

I recently received a bar of honeycomb chocolate made by Mighty Fine and thought id write about it. The bar I received I did receive for free, however I wanted to confirm that I am NOT getting paid to write this article.

The chocolate I received was a bar of Salted Caramel chocolate honeycomb which is hand made by Mighty Fine, who happen to be London based. The honeycomb is made with real honey which gives it a nice light yet crisp crunch.

The honeycomb has a thin layer of chocolate which is made from high quality chocolate such as Belgian milk chocolate. As it is a thin layer you get a big taste of honeycomb with a small amount of chocolate, that way the chocolate is not overpowering.

Honeycomb chocolate bar from Mighty FineThe price of the honeycomb chocolate is not to bad, the bar I had worked out at £1.79 but you can get get tasty honeycomb dips and even honeycomb boxes. I am sure after having this bar of chocolate a Crunchy won’t taste the same 🙂

Bee’s are important and more of us should care about the decline in the Bee’s. Mighty Fine do donate 5% of their profits to Friends of the Honeybee, they focus on trying to halt the decrease in the number of Britain’s honey bee’s.

Where to Buy Mighty Fine Honeycomb?

If you are wanting to give these chocolates ago you can buy them from Harvey Nichols as well as a number of shops and delis around the UK. You can also buy them online via their website – www.mightyfine.co.

Check out their Facebook and twitter

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MightyFineKitchen
Twitter: @BeMightyFine

What To Use Honeycomb with?

I know what you’re thinking, isn’t it just a chocolate bar? Well yeah but a very tasty one 😛 You could however make some really nice desserts with a little of the honeycomb, drop it in some yogurt, mix it with some ice-cream or simply break it into crumbs and use it as garnish for some nice desserts…yummy!!!

Honeycomb chocolate bar from Mighty Fine

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