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MajesticWineI love trying new wines but at the same time I do have a budget on how much I want to spend per month on wine. I wanted to buy a case of wine at the start of the month to hopefully last me throughout the month.

At the start of September I decided to try and give Majestic Wine a go and made a purchase of 10 bottles. This is my review of Majestic Wine, how easily I found their website to navigate, their offers and their service.

How Did I Learn About Majestic Wine?

I have seen a couple of the Majestic Wine stores during my travels and always intended to go to one. Instead of going to a store as I always get confused seeing all the different bottles, I went online as thought it would be easier to browse the bottles.

What Did I think Of The Majestic Wine Website?

I personally found the website very easy to navigate, which makes it much easier buying wine. Majestic Wine do have pre-mixed cases and come in a wide range of variations from colour and grape variety.

If you don’t want to get one of their pre-mixed cases then you can make your own by mixing and matching. I did this as I wanted to go through the different wines to determine which ones I wanted.

Its possible to search through the different wines by colour, variety, and country. This is excellent as it allows you to find a specific type of wine you particularly like.

Once you select a wine you can see a decent amount of information on that particular wine, such as its origin, taste, dryness and finally reviews of what others thought about the wine.

What Kind Of Offers Do Majestic Wine Have?

MajesticWineScreenMajestic Wine have a number of regular offers, I personally like the mix and match as you can save anything from 15% to 33% when buying mix and match bottles. By doing this with all or a number of bottles you could potentially save a decent amount of money.

Once you place you first order you can also receive emails with additional offers, for example I received an offer of a free bottle on my next order.


What Was Majestic Wines Service Like?

The service was great, I received a phone call shortly after placing my order to confirm a suitable delivery date. I didn’t need to use them again, however I have read reviews of staff in store being friendly.

With my order I did also receive tasting notes on the bottles, which I think was an excellent touch.

Would I Order From Majestic Wine Again?

Yes I would certainly order from Majestic Wine again, I intend to post when I make orders and describe what bottles I have ordered etc. I hope this will help people find bottles of wine that they may also enjoy, these posts will be updated once I have drank the wine with my thoughts on them.

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