Les Grands Chemins Rose 2014 From Virgin Wines

Les Grands Chemins Rose 2014If you are looking for a nice fresh wine that is not too dry or sweet then I think Les Grands Chemins Rose 2014 From Virgin Wines would be ideal. This is a french wine that is 100% made with the Cinsault grape.

I purchased this wine as a part of a 12 bottle order with Virgin Wines, I selected it at random as I wanted to try a couple of rose wines and french wines as I am visiting France in 2016.

I personally found the wine to be exactly what I would expect from a Rose, it was smooth to drink and didn’t leave a horrible sharp taste. Les Grands Chemins Rose reminded me of summer.

Its a very fruity wine that was not to dry and fresh, making it a perfect wine for a summer BBQ or salad, nicely chilled.

It is one of those bottles of wines that you could drink bottle after bottle and continue enjoying it, unlike some that can get a bit boring after a while.

At only £8.99 per bottle, its a little steeper than some supermarket wines but I think its worth paying that little extra. If you get it as part of a deal it can work out less per bottle overall.

Key Information

  • Grape: Cinsault
  • Country: France
  • Colour: Rose
  • Ideal Time To Drink: Summer
  • ABV: 12%

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