Le Cirque at Bellagio, Las Vegas

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Where Did I Go

Name: Le Cirque At Bellagio

Address: Bellagio, 3600 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV 89109


Price Range: $$$$

Website: https://www.bellagio.com/restaurants/le-cirque.aspx 

I usually try and provide images of what I have had. I had not started this blog when I went to visit Le Cirque. As it is in Las Vegas I cannot guarantee that i will go again and want to have a chance to review this excellent restaurant.

We went to Las Vegas as a part of my honeymoon and went to several restaurants, Le Cirque being one of them. We didn’t stay at the Bellagio but it was very impressive and one of the casinos we did prefer.

I pre-booked the restaurant before our honeymoon as with all of the others to ensure we got to dine there.

The restaurants decor is excellent and really makes you feel like you are entering a circus tent, the ceiling has multi coloured drapes and the entire restaurant had a “fun” feeling about it.

The seating area is nicely spread apart to ensure you are not sat directly next to other diners, allowing you to have a conversation, without the worry of being overheard.

What’s The Location Like?

The Bellagio casino is roughly in the centre of the strip and is well-known because of the Bellagio fountains, which are well worth looking at. The casino like all of them in Las Vegas is massive and I found the decor to be great, it was bright, fun and had plenty of shops as well as things to see. Le Cirque is located within the casino and is well sign posted, although we still managed to get lost a couple of times!!

What Did I have?

As it was some time ago, I cannot give details as pricing as the menu has since changed which I think its a good thing. Its nice to see restaurants continuing to adapt their menu’s.


For starter I had a fish carpaccio, I do believe it was langoustine. I have never had it before and I do try to make a point of having something new as much as possible. I am glad I did as it tasted very nice and was presented beautifully.


For my main I went for fillet steak, this is a dish I tend to go for a lot. If you do like your steak rare id recommend asking for it medium rare as mine seem to come out blue, It was not the end of the world but would have preferred it done a little more.

We did have a dessert, however due to how long ago it was I cannot remember for the life of me as to what it was! I am sure it was amazing though 🙂

What Was The Service Like?

The waiting staff were very good, they were quick to bring us water and the menus and gave us plenty of time to decide what we both wanted. Plates were not left on our tables for very long and each course came at what I would consider a reasonable amount of time.

Final Foodie Thought

I had planned it to visit Le Cirque at Bellagio on the day that we had booked tickets to see “O”, which I think was a great idea as it really helped carry through the circus/fun element throughout the entire night. I would consider coming again if I found myself back at Las Vegas, but its hard as there are so many restaurants to try. If you are however considering coming here, I would recommend it – the food was great from what I can remember, staff kind and helpful!

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