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Las Iguanas Nottingham Rating (3.5/5)


Las Iguanas Nottingham - Restuarant Review, Excellent Mexican food at great value! went to Las Iguanas recently with work as a end of the month meal, we often go out every couple of months to have a meal and a few drinks. We have been to Las Iguanas a few times as a company as well as me going a couple of times with Rach.

One of the reasons we love it as a company is the happy hour cocktails, who can complain with buy one get one free 🙂 The food in the past has always been cooked well and the service has always been very good.

When I first arrived the bar was fairly quiet and there was only couple of us from work, I ordered myself a couple of Corona and sat down whilst we waited for everyone else to arrive. Once everyone arrived we all ordered a few more drinks and was directed to our seat, there was a lot of us so we were all on a long table.

It’s often a shame being on a long table as you don’t get to speak to anyone 2-3 seats further down, it cannot be helped really thought.

What’s the location like for Las Iguanas Nottingham?

The location for Las Iguanas is actually pretty decent, it’s located in the Chapel Quarter which is just off the centre (otherwise known as “slab square” or “the lions”). There are a number of great bars around such as Fat Cats, The Dragon and many others that are a short walk away.

If visiting Nottingham is roughly a 5 minute walk from Park Plaza and The Hilton hotel, this naturally depends on how fast you walk 🙂 It is also very close to many bus routes and only a 2 minute walk from the tram stop.

What Did I have To Eat At Las Iguanas Nottingham?

I didn’t have a starter and dessert when I came with work, however I did share some nachos (You cannot go to a Mexican and not have nachos!!! :)) I thought they were done very well, I have been to a few places where everything is in the centre and the cheese is not very well spread this was not the case 🙂

Las Iguanas Nottingham Review - Yummy Nachos, perfectly cheesy with the right amount of sauce Tasty!!

Main – Beef Fajitas

I love Fajitas, if I ever go to a Mexican restuarant I have to have them….they are amazing! You cannot really go wrong with Fajitas to be honest and these were very nice, the peppers and onions were cooked well and the beef was tasty.

There was enough cheese, salsa and guacamole. My only issue is that there always seems to be 1 wrap too short, but I have this issue with every place I have Fajitas 🙂

Las Iguanas Nottingham The Fajitas are amazing and one of my favorite dishes -

What Was The Service Like?

I thought the service was good, although we did get told that we would need to order our food soon as they have to give the table to someone else in 2 hours…yet it then took 15 minutes for them to come and take our food order…

Other than that the service was good, they came and asked if we wanted any more drinks often so cannot complain really.

Final Foodie Thought On Las Iguanas Nottingham?

There are not many Mexican restaurants in Nottingham so if it’s a cuisine you fancy then Las Iguanas is perfect. I have not been to a Las Iguanas in another city but I expect as it’s a chain the food tastes pretty much the same.

The food is cooked well, the service is good and the atmosphere is good too. I think one of the main pluses to Las Iguanas is the happy hour on cocktails, it makes for a great place for a group meal whether there are 4 of your or 24.

I would personally come for a nice meal out, although not really for a romantic candle lit dinner.

Where To Find Las Iguanas?

Address: Chapel Quarter, 4 Chapel Bar, Nottingham NG1 6JS

Phone: 0115 959 6390

Price Range: ££


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