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La Rock Nottingham

Rach and I love tasting menus, we recently went to La Rock to experience their tasting menu. On the first Friday of the month, they hold a 9 course tasting menu. This menu allows you to try 9 small dishes over a course of roughly 4 hours.

We went as a group of 4 as apart of a celebration meal for it being Rach’s Birthday and our first proper meal out since we had our son Edwin. I originally tried to book a table but they were full, luckily for us they did have a cancellation. We didn’t know our friends were going as well, once we found out La Rock were more than happy to move us to a table of 4 so we could enjoy the night together.

On arrival we were given a warm welcome and asked if we wanted a seat first or shown to our table. We asked to be seated, which we were and menus were soon brought out to show what we would be having during the night.

Here is the menu for the night….

La Rock Tasting Menu - excellent 8 course tasting menu, would recommend La Rock in Nottingham -

As La Rock only do a tasting once every month, they change the menu monthly. Makes me want to go back again so I can see what other dishes they will do.

We ordered our drinks, they do offer a package where you get to try a range of wines with each course. I decided not to go for this though, however one of the party did and enjoyed them.

Prior to our food starting to come out, we did get to experience a couple of different amuse-bouche. They were all very tasty, one of which really stood out. It was a mini fish and chip and it tasted just like the real thing, nice and salty. If I could find out how to make that, Id jump at the chance.

Tasting Dish One – Beetroot Variations

The first dish was a medley of all things beetroot. I have seen a few dishes that do beetroot in different ways and always wanted to try one. Its given me the inspiration of trying it, it goes to show how versatile beetroot is!

On the plate was a smudge of puree which then sat presse and mousse of beetroot, some cubed beetroot and then an amazing beetroot crisp. Sprinkled around was beetroot dust. I have to say the winner for me was the crisp, it tasted perfect.

La Rock Tasting Menu Course 1 Beetroot Variations

Tasting Dish Two – Chicken ‘Teriyaki’ Style

The second dish was chicken that was marinated in a teriyaki sauce. I loved the taste of the chicken, it had some great flavours. The chicken sat on a bed of Daikon, which is something I have never had before. Daikon is a type of radish, it’s slightly milder than your typical radish.

The daikon was then on an oriental spiced emulsion that went really well with the teriyaki chicken. Placed to the side was a crispy chicken skin, which tasted amazing!

La Rock Tasting Menu Course 2 - Chicken

Tasting Dish Three – Sea Bass

It might look like a small bit of sea bass but it is a mouthful of amazingness (is that a word?) It was cooked to perfection with a tasty skin on top. The Sea bass was on a celeriac puree with celery and a few hazelnuts that were covered in honey.

All on all the dish worked very well and I could happily eat it again and again!

La Rock Tasting Menu Course 3 Sea Bass

Tasting Dish Four – Deconstructed Beef Wellington

I have not had that many deconstructed dishes and as I love steak, I was looking forward to this dish the most. The beef sat on a bed of mushroom, garlic and chive pancake. The beef itself was incredible. It was cooked just how I like it and had a lot of flavour. I have had a few steaks in my time and must say it was impressive.

Laid over the top of the beef was a nice stick of puff pastry. You could get a nice combination of flavours and it worked really well as a beef wellington.

La Rock Tasting Menu Course 4 Beef Wellington

Tasting Dish Five – Textures of Melon

The mains were done, now it’s time to get into the desserts. This course was a palate cleanser, ready for the up and coming desserts.

There were 4 different textures of Melon. Melon spheres, Melon jelly, Melon custom and iced Melon. They all worked really well together and had some great tastes/textures. It was nice that the palate cleanser was not just a bowl of sorbet but something different and tasty.

La Rock Tasting Menu Course 5 Melon

Tasting Dish Six – White Chocolate Parfait

The first of the dessert courses was a yummy white chocolate parfait. It came with black cherry and pistachio. It all went very well and tasted great. I have to admit, I completely forgot to take the picture and started eating…what can I say it looked yummy!! 🙂

La Rock Tasting Menu Course 6 White Chocolate

Tasting Dish Seven – British Cheeses (£6 Supplement PP)

We decided to pay the extra for the cheese course. I love cheese so couldn’t really say no to having it. The dish comes as a serving for 2 people. Unlike some places you actually get a decent amount of cheese, more than enough for two people.

The course came with 4 different cheese, a nice range of biscuits, grapes and a tasty soused celery. Well worth the additional £6!

La Rock Tasting Menu Course 7 Cheese Selection

Tasting Dish Eight – Orange Laurel Posset

Now we have reached the last course of the tasting menu at La Rock. I came and I have to admit I was impressed with the plating, although was gutted it was the last course. (Even though I was very full!!)

The Posset came with a candied orange on top, there was some brand snap and a nice range of different citrus gels/textures.

La Rock Tasting Menu Course 8 - Orange Posset

Petit Fours

We then enjoyed a nice selection of petit fours. These included jelly, nut and chocolate. Ill be honest I did struggle to eat them after such a nice meal (and being somewhat full!) Each one was however very tasty and finished the meal off well.

La Rock Tasting Menu Course 9

Thoughts on La Rock Menu

The tasting menu was finalised that very week. I think they did an excellent job, everything seemed to go really well together. It would be interesting to find out the thought process and what they did to develop the menu.

After trying this menu I really would love to try another tasting night. If you don’t get a chance to go on the tasting, the normal evening menu looks just as impressive. There are a number of dishes that I really want to try, can almost guarantee i’ll be returning to La Rock.

Thoughts on Service at La Rock

I cannot fault the staff. From the moment we were seated, they were very friendly and knowledgeable on the dishes. We were told about each of the wines that were associated with each course and the staff member that served the dish also explain what was one it.

Interestingly each member of staff wore gloves when serving the plates, which I think was a nice touch.

La Rock should be proud of each of their team that night, we were very happy with the service we received.

Final Foodie Thought

If you are wanting to experience fine dining, whether during the tasting night or non tasting night then La Rock is perfect. The quality of the food is excellent and the price is very reasonable for what you do get.
If visiting Nottingham or if you live in Nottingham, this is a great restaurant to visit whether as a group or a romantic meal. On a personal level it would be incredible to learn more about the food development they do and would also be really cool to tour the kitchens/meet the chefs (maybe next time :P)

I will certainly be visiting La Rock again and do think it is somewhat of a hidden gem, as many people I have spoken to have not heard of it before. I cannot recommend it more, brilliant experience!

If you do go, please do let me know what you think in the comments below

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