Justin Brown - Plating | AmateurChef.co.ukWhen Did You First Have An Interest Cooking?

From a very young age, i knew sitting in an office was not the job for me. I wanted something where i could create, where everyday is different and something that would interest me and cooking fitted all the things i was searching for.

How Long Have You Been Cooking Professionally?

17 years. My first job was at 16 at The Landmark Hotel in London, 5 Star De Lux.

Where Do You Get Your Inspiration From?

It can be anywhere. Normally after I’ve been to a market or visited a supplier my head comes up with all kinds of ideas but also just sitting down with other chefs and friends once you start talking it goes from there.

If You Was Not A Chef, What Would You Want To Do?

Be a Chef

Duck DishHow Would You Describe Your Cooking Style?

That a question everyone asks. I dont think you can really describe a style, i cook all over the world using many styles it all depends on where i am and what im feeling at that point.

What Course Do You Prefer To Cook?

As a Chef you should be comfortable with cooking any course, i design a menu which i enjoy to cook the whole thing.

OYSTERWhat Is Your Favourite Dish/Signature Dish to Make?

I really enjoy making my Double Cooked Shoulder of Lamb dish, i would call that a signature dish its the one ive always used in one way or another. The recipe is on www.justinbrownchef.com 

What Ingredient Do You Love To Cook With The Most?

Anything that is in season

What is Your Favourite Dish To Eat?

It all depends on my mood but at the moment i really enjoy Asian

Which Other Chefs Inspire You?PANNA COTTA

All chefs can inspire you in one way or another i dont think there is one that would stand out. Except for Sergio Herman i admire all he has achieved.

Any Advice You Would Give To People Wanting To Become A Chef?

Be passionate and make sure it what you really want then just work hard and stick at it.

Any Thing You Would Like To Share, IE New Book? Development At Restaurant etc? 
My Book Dining through the Seasons is now out on Amazon www.justinbrownchef.com/cookbook and 5 months ago i launched Verzet in Amsterdam. A Pop Up Restaurant which cooks dinners all over the country.

Justin has received a large number of awards for his hard work and dedication, below is an updated list.

What is Verzet?

VerzetVerzet is a pop up restaurant currently in Holland and located at Zeevlam in Den Haqgue and Tunnel 37 in Amsterdam. It will be here throughout 2015 with the plan to pop up locations from the UK, Europe and even further afield. Offering diners a 5 course tasting menu whilst also offering other services such as Private Dinning and Cookery Courses. The menus are based on the surroundings so they can use the local produce of the local area. if you are able to book a visit to Verzet, I would recommend it as I am sure the atmosphere and food would be incredible!

Keep up to date with all of Verzet events and dates via the twitter account below.

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