is Black Pudding Good For You?

Is Black Pudding Good For You?

is black pudding good for youI know what you are thinking reading that, believe me I thought it as well! Over the weekend I was reading through the paper and noticed a head that Black Pudding is 2016’s new superfood.

I personally don’t take much stock into what is a super food or not, in my eyes you can generally eat what you want but within reason. Obviously if you eat a entire bag of chocolate every day then this is naturally not good for you, however a bit of chocolate every now and again is not going to impact on your health.

So Why do they think Black Pudding is good for you?

Black Pudding contains a high amount of protein, potassium, calcium and magnesium and doesn’t have many carbs in it. There are also high amounts of iron which helps your body produce healthy blood cells as well as helping to prevent anaemia. If you suffer from fatigue or lack concentration then this could be related to some form of Iron deficiency.

Its not all good news for Black Pudding lovers…

Even though Black Pudding does have the above benefits, its not something you want to be eating too often. It typically contains nearly 300 calories per 100g with a high amount of fat content. a 100g amount of Black Pudding has around 21.5g of fat, 8.5g is saturated.

But that doesn’t help….is Black Pudding good for you?

The iron content is certainly good but the amount of saturated fats contain in black pudding is going to have a negative impact. In this case I do think claiming Black Pudding as a superfood is more to do with marketing or creating headlines than it is to actually offer people a food that is healthy.

Remember a superfood is just something that has a high amount of something in it that is beneficial, by ignoring what else it has in would be silly.

Now I do enjoy Black Pudding and I will continue to have it every so often, however I would not recommend adding it into your daily diet.

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