How To Taste Wine

How-to-taste-wineHow to taste wine? Don’t you just drink it and taste it? Thats what I use to think and even though I could tell if I liked a wine or not, I was missing out on an entire experience.

I am not claiming to be any kind of wine connoisseur, believe me I’m not 🙂

I always tend to try different bottles of wine so I can be a little adventures. You might come across a few you don’t like, at the same time you could find some amazing wines. It can really be a lot of fun.

I know of many people that find a bottle they like and stick with that, they are however missing out on hundreds if not thousands of different wines they could be enjoying 🙂

By learning How To Taste Wine properly, you can fully experience the aroma or the taste of the different fruits or spices used to make the wine. This will make it much easier if you are wanting to learn how to pair wines with specific meals or just looking for a cosy evening wine.

Below are a few tips to help you learn how to taste wine, I hope it allows you to experiment with different wines and have a great time doing so; \

Tip One: Get The Right Temperature

The temperature of the wine is important, warm white wine is not nice! White wine should be chilled for at least a few hours, where as red wine wants to be a round room temperature.

Tip Two: Should You Use A Decanter? 

Decanting wine is when you pour the wine out of the bottle into a decanter in order to allow it to breath. Some people will agree where as others may disagree but I personally don’t feel that its needed.

Usually it will breath enough in the glass, so you shouldn’t need to decanter it.

Tip Three: Use The Right Glass

You want to make sure you are using wine glasses when tasting wine, flutes will not work as you need to be able to swirl the wine.

If drinking white wine you want to hold the glass around the stem as you don’t want your hands to warm up the wine.

Tip Four: Swirling The Wine

You have probably seen the wine experts on shows like Saturday Morning Kitchen, they swirl the glass before smelling. By swirling the glass the aromas escape, allowing you to smell it much better and spot different smells compared to not swirling it.

Tip Five: The Smell

Once you have swirled the glass you want to place your nose over and smell, see if you can pick out any particular aromas.

It might even be worth closing your eyes to block out anything in your surrounds.

It can sometimes be difficult to start with, however with continued practice you will start picking out different aromas. Swirl the glass a few times so you can take a few smells before tasting.

Do not be worried if you don’t smell the same thing as the person next to you, our sense of smell can vary on individuals.

Tip Six: Tasting The Wine

Take a sip of the wine and leave it on your tongue, swish it around your entire mouth as the tongue contains 4 areas for taste sensation. These are sweet, salty, bitter and sour. You could even try breathing in through the mouth whilst its there to see if you can pick up any additional flavours.

Take your time, the more time you spend doing this the more flavours you can potentially pick out.

Most experts will suggest spitting it out, I personally don’t. I would much prefer to drink it and enjoy it! 🙂

Final tip: Enjoy – Why Not Take Notes! 

Have fun and be adventurous, don’t worry if you cannot pick up many smells or flavours keep practicing and eventually you will!

It might also be a good idea to take some notes, write the name of the bottle you brought and where from. Describe the colour and without reading the label give it a smell and write down what you can smell, do the same for the tasting.

You may also want to rate it out of 5, 1 being not very nice and 5 being very nice. Once you have written your notes take a look at the label and see if you managed to pick up any of the flavours/smells. Continue doing this and you will have a nice collection of wine tasting notes, something that you can look back to when looking for a specific type of wine.

I really hope that this guide on how to taste wine has helped, if you have any comments please leave them below.

Happy Wine Drinking!! 🙂

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