How To Start A Food Blog – Domain & Hosting

HowToStartAFodBlog - an introduction

How To Start A Food Blog Guide: Hosting & Domain Name

If you are new to the world of creating websites then it can be somewhat scary. There are so many different terms and a lot of information that can cause some confusion. Don’t worry though, it’s not as hard as some may thing to get their food blog online.

The first thing you will need is hosting and a domain name. I know what you might be thinking – “what exactly is hosting and a domain name?”

Website is like a building, Host is the land and domain is the addressThink of your future website as a building….(bear with me)

The hosting is the land in which your building is built on.

The domain name is the actual address of your building.

So before you can build an incredible building, you need somewhere to put it and then an address for it.

The good news is that most companies where you get hosting from, you will usually be able to get a domain name as well. I would recommend getting them from the same place as it makes it easier for managing and renewing.

Picking A Domain Name for your food blog

The domain name is the first thing you need to think about and is actually VERY important. The domain name will become your own brand and will represent you and your website. You need to therefore make sure it reflects what you/your site is and what the visitor will find when they get there.

I would recommend writing down what you want on your food blog, will you be focusing on specific cuisine, a specific type of diet or having anything and everything on there.

For example if you are going after a specific cuisine you might go for domains such as;

  • PerfectPizzas
  • IngeniousItalian
  • CreativeCurryRecipes

If you are going after a specific diet then you might want a domain such as;

  • VegetarianVentures
  • VeryVegan
  • DietingJourney

You may also want to go on your location and incorporating that into your domain name, for example;

  • LondonFoodie
  • FoodFromTexas
  • RecipesFromRussia

One thing I would always recommend is make it personal to you, after all this is your space on the internet to put what you want…enjoy the freedom!

What Hosting Company To Choose?

Godaddy Is a recommended host for a food blogOnce you have your domain name chosen you now want to look for the company that will host your food blog and provide you with the domain.

I have always used GoDaddy when it comes to hosting. I have used many companies in the past and have been happy. GoDaddy for me however has always been my number 1 choice. It’s a big company, they offer decent prices and it’s very easy to add onto your hosting if needed.

More often than not you also get a domain name for free when you join, which does save you a little money in the long run.

GoDaddy also run a number of deals to save you even more money on your first year. This does change from time to time but keeping an eye on their deals page is the best way to see what is on offer at the moment.

What Hosting Package do you need from GoDaddy to start your food blog?

GoDaddy offer two hosting packages that you might be interested in. Their normal website hosting and WordPress hosting. I would personally recommend going for the normal website hosting. It’s the same price and I have never had any issues with it.

There are also a number of packages, depending on how big your website is and how much traffic it will get. Depending on what your finances are like I would either select the Deluxe or Ultimate as these will offer you more room to grow.

You don’t need to pay for a full year, you can pay per month. They do offer a free domain if you pay for the entire year. It’s worth bearing in mind that a domain name is not too expensive to justify this.
What About Email?

I also have the email package from GoDaddy as I do like to have it all in one place and their email platform is fairly simple to use.

By getting it all in one place, it’s pretty easy to set up and ensures you have your domain name in your email address.

The email packages are fairly cheap, I would recommend going for online essentials or business premium.

Remember it is easy enough to upgrade if you find the one you currently have is too small. If you do go for the lowest one, just upgrade when you either need to or have the funds to.


Renewals are VERY important to remember. I once forgot to renew my domain name and it was very stressful!

Domains usually need renewing once a year, unless your buy it for longer periods.
Web hosting will often renew once a month, you can however pay for more months up front.
Email is the same as the hosting.

You can set GoDaddy to auto renew with the card details you have on file, this can be incredibly useful.

Once you have your domain and hosting, you are all set to install WordPress and get your site live. Which is what we will be doing in the next section.

Click Here to view current GoDaddy Deals to get your domain and hosting

Please note the above link is an affiliate link so I do earn a commission if you do decide to order from GoDaddy. I am declaring this to show that I am being honest and truthful in my post. I do use GoDaddy for my food blog as well as other websites I have had in the past.

The fact that I do get a commission does not alter my view of them.

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