Poached EggI have wanted to learn how to poach an egg for some time now, I love eggs but I was always put off by how complicated it looked. Previously I used a pan that had a poaching add-on but when I changed my hob it could no longer be used.

I visited YouTube to see if I could find a video on how to do it and came across this great one by Jamie Oliver – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAWduxoCgVk this video shows 3 ways on how to poach an egg, the last method is the one I did

Step One: Get A Ramekin

Step Two: Place Clingfilm in the Ramekin


Step Three: Place a little oil at the bottom and with your finger cover the clingfilm with the oil

Step Four: Crack and egg into the cling film


Step Five: Lift up the cling film out of the ramekin and tie a not in the top so the egg is in a ball shape


Step Six: Get a pan and get the water so that it is simmering (do not boil!)

Step Seven: Place the clingfilm egg  into the simmering water and leave for 4 minutes


Step Eight: Take Egg out and cut the clingfilm away and place the egg

Step Nine: Enjoy!!

Poached Egg

If like me you have tried and tried to learn how to poach an egg, this method is by far the easiest. Best of all it can be done with more than one egg at a time, therefore if your making many simply prepare them all and drop them all into the water at the same time…perfect!

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  1. Wow thats actually a great way of doing it! I have always struggled doing poached eggs but gave this ago and managed it….Think ill be having poached eggs even more now hehe!!

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