How To Make The Perfect Mash Potato

I personally love mash potato, there is something about it on a roast that just makes it heavenly! Everyone has their own opinion on what makes the perfect mash and here is mine, please feel free to comment on what you like/dislike when making your own mash 🙂

1) Picking the right potato

The first thing you need to do is get the right type of potato, some are better for roasting, boiling and as we are mashing we want one that is ideal for that. When selecting the potato you need to find one that is higher join starch as these break down better during cooking and tend to also be a little more fluffy.

Many potatoes in the shops are all purpose, meaning they can be used for all types of cooking. Id personally suggest going for one that is for mashing. When mashing I always look for Maris Piper or Desiree.

2) Peel the potatoes and then give them a quick wash to remove any dirt. Cut into halve and then halve again. If you can try and keep them around the same size as this will ensure they all cook at the same time.

3) Put the potatoes into a pan and fill with cold water, I use cold water as I find it cooks them gradually. Sprinkle some salt into the water as it helps the potatoes absorb it whilst cooking, resulting in a better taste.

4) Allow the potatoes to cook on a simmer and do not boil, this will ensure they cook evenly

5) When mashing add milk, but ensure that the milk is warm. Cold milk will cool the potatoes down, heat the milk up a little before adding it to the potatoes.

6) Now add some butter, butter goes well with most things and adds and incredible taste!

7) Continue to mash until its nice and smooth, unless you like a few lumps (which I personally don’t) I only use a hand masher usually, you could use a blender if you want more of a puree.

Add A Little Extra Flavour 

Depending on what I cook, I like to add a little extra ingredients to my mash to give it a little extra flavour. Why not try them out;

* Apple Mash – Drop some chopped apple into the mash, perfect with Pork

* Garlic Mash – Garlic is amazing and gives it that extra little kick

* Onion Mash – I find this goes nice with a bit of beef

* Fennel Mash – Drop a few fennel seeds, nice additional taste

Let me know if you add anything else to your mash, to give it that extra taste! Would love to try it myself!! 🙂

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  1. I made mash potato often, I often add butter and milk into it but usually put the potatoes in boiling water first. Ill try putting them in cold water first and see what happens. Interestingly I just use milk straight out of the fridge and can see why that would cool the mash down a little, wont be doing that again 🙂

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