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Harts Hotel and Restaurant Review - Nottingham | AmateurChef.co.ukWhe re Did I Go?

Name: Harts Nottingham

Address: Standard Hill, Park Row, Nottingham, NG1 6GN

Phone: 0115 988 1900

Price Range: ££££

Harts Nottingham will always have a special place in my heart, its the place where Rach and I got married and will always be thankful for giving us such an incredible day. We have however been to Harts Nottingham a number of times before and a couple of times afterwards, so will mostly be basing this review on our most recent visit.

We arrived a little early and sat down in the bar when we were asked what drinks we would like, I had literally just finished saying what id like and the barmen had prepared it and passed it to the waiting staff. I find this service incredible, the fact that the bar staff are listening to what you want, so they can prepare it ready..excellent!

What’s The Location Like?

The location is great, a little out of the way of the main drinking spots but its just off Maid Marian way which is starting to get a few more bars. Close to a few other quality bars, casino and hotels its an ideal place for a meal out.

It is also walking distance from most bus routes if coming from within Nottingham.

What Did I have?

They have since changed the menu slightly since I went so cannot give details on pricing etc, the new menu looks pretty incredible and cannot wait to try it out 🙂

Starter – Scallops

The starter was very nice, I love scallops. If I had one slight negative to say that would be that id have liked at least 1 more scallop, this is mainly because it tasted so nice!

Main – Fillet Steak

I enjoyed an excellent fillet steak, it was cooked perfectly and really enjoyed the sautéed potatos. May not look like too much on the plate, but it was more than enough to fill me up and all of it worked very well together.

Desert – Chocolate Moose and Raspberry sorbet

The desert was very nice! I dont tend to go for chocolate too much, but this one was very nice! It had a nice hard outside and a smooth inside, the raspberry sorbet was very tasty the combination worked very well.

Harts-Nottingham-Starter Harts-Nottingham-Main Harts-Nottingham-Dessert

What Was The Service Like?

As above the service in the bar was excellent, which I am happy to report continued within the restaurant. The waiting staff were very attentive and never let our glasses go empty.

The food being brought to us was perfectly timed, we didn’t wait to long but at the same time it didn’t come out right away.

Tim Hart should be very proud of all of his staff, they are a credit to his restaurant and hotel!

Final Foodie Thought

Harts Nottingham is an excellent restaurant, in fact I would say that it is one of the best in Nottingham city centre and would recommend it to anyone wanting a nice place to eat.

I also like the fact that Harts Nottingham do regular events where you can eat whilst theirs live music, as well as wine tasting nights with Tim Hart – which is something I would LOVE to do soon.

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