Food Bloggers Fundraising Dinner For Stroke Association UK

Food Bloggers Fundraising Dinner For Stroke Association UK

Charity to me is important and I do think we should try to give to charity when we can. Understandably everyone has different charities that they like to give to, usually because they were affected by what the charity is trying to raise money for.

I learnt about a charity event that was being organised by Adam Hayes (@AdamHayes900), who is a Stroke Survivor so understandable wants to help get more people aware of act FAST (Face, Arms, Speech, Time – ). It is this that can really save a lot of people’s lives.

Rach and I were keen to be a part of this event as soon as we heard of it, her granddad was a great man and suffered from a number of stokes. We felt that the Stroke Association is a great cause to support.

The Rum House had an excellent section where you could purchase Rums made by them, as well as them sponsoring several of the raffle prizes. They really seem like a great company, so would recommend people to check them out!

The event was held at the NCN Adams Restaurant, which if you don’t know is one of the NCN colleges in Nottingham. They have their own culinary school teaching their students the great art of food 🙂

There we had a 3 course dinner which was cooked by the students as well as front of house being handled by the students as well. They do open the restaurant out to the public as it gives the students a great introduction to world of hospitality and cooking.

This was the first time that I have been to the restaurant and was therefore not sure what to expect. The food to me was very good and was actually better than some restaurants that I have been to, so a big well done to them!!

What Did I Have To Eat?

There were 3 options to choose from, Rach had the crispy pork belly whilst I tried the crab and salmon. I felt that both were plated really well, the crab was quite a large portion but to be honest it was very light so was not too filling.

The Pork starter came with 3 cubes of crispy pork belly, I stole one of them from her so I could get a good taste of it. The Pork was cooked very well, the fat had rendered down so it didn’t have that large chewy piece of fat. The top was nice and crispy and to me had the perfect texture as it was not too hard to bite into.

Crab Salad Dish served at Food Fundraising Dinner for Stroke Association Crispy Pork Belly Dish served at Food Fundraising Dinner for Stroke Association

For the main I enjoyed a nice lamb cutlet and lamb shoulder, it was cooked perfectly pink which gave it plenty of flavour. The dish came with rosemary potato fondant and the rosemary added a really nice touch. If I was to be really picky the food was more to one side than in the centre of the plate but it did taste incredible.

Rach had the mushroom wellington, she doesn’t usually have the vegetarian option but wanted something different. She did say there was a lot of flavour in it and the pastry was really nice, her only complaint was that it could do with some sauce.

Lamb Cutlet Dish served at Food Fundraising Dinner for Stroke Association Mushroom Wellington Dish served at Food Fundraising Dinner for Stroke Association

The dessert in my opinion was the best, it was a passionfruit panna cotta with honeycomb on the top. The honeycomb was cooked perfectly and tasted very nice along with the passion fruit. It was a nice light dessert and ended the meal perfectly.

Passion Fruit Panna Cotta  served at Food Fundraising Dinner for Stroke Association

In between the main course and dessert there was the charity raffle with some incredible prizes. The prizes were donated by local restaurants such as 3 course lunch, gift voucher to a meal etc. It really made me realise how generous some of the restaurants in Nottingham and Birmingham are.

I would just like to thank Adam again for arranging the event, it was an incredible night and was for an excellent cause.

If you are looking to raise money for charity, I would recommend the Stroke Association. They do some incredible things and educating people about FAST, really can save lives.

Please check out the links below for more information on the Stroke Association, NCN Adams Restaurant, the Rum House and Adam’s Twitter 🙂

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Stroke Association Twitter: @thestrokeassoc 
Adams Restaurant Website: 
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The Rum House:
The Rum House Twitter: @rumhouseuk
Follow Adam: @adamhayes900

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