The Fludyers Arms Felixstowe

The Fludyers Arms Felixstowe HotelI’ve never been to Felixstowe before so didn’t really have an idea of where the best place to eat was. I was meeting with a client and they did recommend The Fludyers Arms as it is supposed to have a good reputation.

After spending a good 4 hours on the train, I was ready for a nice meal. After looking at the menu online I was really looking forward to coming, as there were some great choices. On meeting with the client we walked about 5 or 10 minutes from the train station to the restaurant, it was a pleasant walk with the beach just on the side.

What Is The Location Like For The Fludyers Arms?

Location wise I would say that its perfect, it sites right on the cliffs at the edge of the sea. There are tables outside so on a nice warm day you would have some excellent views, perfect for watching the world go by.

I didn’t stay in Felixstowe as I was only there for the day, if you are looking to stay in the area then The Fludyers Arms does also have rooms. I didn’t see them but looking at the pictures online they do look really nice and comfortable.

The Fludyers Arms Menu

It was just after lunch so had chosen our meals from the lunch menu. There was a nice selection of different meats as well as a number of fish dishes. Its always good to see places offering a nice selection of meats and not just focusing on steaks or chicken dishes.

Main – Roast Duck and Vanilla Mash (Apox £16)

I decided to order the roasted duck from the specials menu as the sound of vanilla mash potato got my taste buds tingling. The duck itself was nice, although id have happily had it a little more pink but it was very tasty. The mash potato was very interesting and nice, adding vanilla is something I’m going to have to try.

The dish came with spinach and some mushrooms with a red wine jus…all in all it was very nice.

The Fludyers Arms Felixstowe - Main - Roast Duck with a tasty and interesting vanilla mash - very tasty and well priced

Dessert – Chocolate Brownie (£6.50)

Chocolate brownie tends to be my go to dessert if I am craving a little chocolate, it tends to be tasty but not sickly like some chocolate tarts. It came with white chocolate bavarois and a chocolate pot, these worked well with the main dessert and satisfied my sweet tooth 🙂

The Fludyers Arms Felixstowe - Dessert - Tasty brownies, perfect to end a nice meal with

What Was The Service Like?

The service was okay to be honest, I did read online a lot about poor service but when I went it was fine. Ill admit the restaurant was quiet so naturally it would be a bit better than if it was busy. They showed us to the table quickly and brought us our menus. They also came at appropriate times to ask how the meals were etc.

Overall I personally had no issues with the service and would recommend it.

Final Foodie Thought On The Fludyers Arms

If you are visiting Felixstowe and looking for a nice place to eat that has excellent views as well as nice food, I would recommend visiting The Fludyers Arms. As I said there are some negative comments on sites such as Trip Advisor but I personally found it to be fine and would take many reviews with a pinch of salt (even this one :P)

Really you never know how good a place is unless you go yourself.

How To Find The Fludyers Arms

Address: Undercliff Road East, Felixstowe IP11 7LU
Phone: 01394 691929
Price:  ££

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