I think it is important to make a post on potential earnings that this blog may make. This blogs main function will always be to showcase the passion that I have for food, whether its food I have cooked or food I have eaten at restaurants.

Any money that is made from this blog is to go to its up keep i.e. hosting, domain name etc as well as help cover the cost of purchasing ingredients, products and visiting restaurants.

I will never pre-warn a restaurant that I am visiting or accept money in any way to give a positive recommendation. I wanted to put this to help reassure you that all reviews and recommendations on based on my personal experiences to help people and not to earn money..(I have a full time job for that)

There are a number of places that I may earn commission and these are described below;


I do have some advertisement on the side bars and in some posts, many of these to do with food/drink etc.

Product Reviews

I do review some products IE books, these are all products that I do own. I will only review products that I own whether its what I have purchased or been given. Some reviews may link through to a place where you can buy the product. I may or may not get a commission for what is purchased.

Again I wanted to post this to show my openness, I hope you understand 🙂