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Rating (3.5/5)


CosmoNottinghamRestuarantI went to Cosmo Nottingham as part of a group as a couple people were leaving the company that I work for, Cosmo was chosen due to its wide range of food so everyone could find something they would like.

I have been to a couple of all you can eat buffets and they can be a great way to try foods that you wouldn’t usually go for without having to go to a restaurant that just does that kind of food just in case you don’t like it 🙂

What’s The Cosmo Nottingham Location Like?

The location of Cosmo Nottingham is perfect and you can not get better really, its literally in the centre of Nottingham with most bus stops close by. Taxi ranks are literally outside in case of dinner you fancy getting a taxi, if driving the car park is only a few buildings down.

There are several decent bars near by such as Nicholson’s and the corner house which has bars such as Saltwater, Slug & lettuce and Revolution.

What Did I have at Cosmo Nottingham?

Ill do this a little different to other restaurant reviews as it is buffet style, so I tried to have a wide mixture.

There is a large starter section where you can find a range of salads, olives and breads etc. You then go round and everything is set out into different types of food IE Italian, English, Chinese etc.

Once you have gone through the mains, there is a large dessert space which contains ice creams, cakes, and sweets.

Like many buffet style places Cosmo Nottingham has several cooking stations where you can get specific things made to order.

Most of the food itself was cooked okay, a few things I was not so happy with but overall as it was only £15 I don’t think you could complain really.

Although i did recently notice on the website that they are increasing the price…

I have heard that at lunch there is less food but I have not personally experienced this as I have not been at lunch time. I would say that Cosmo Nottingham is more suited for casual dining so I would recommend it for date night but relaxed eating or a group it would be ideal due to the different types of food.

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What Was The Service Like?

To be fair the service was decent, we were welcomed when we arrived and sat at the waiting area for other members of our party to arrive. When everyone came we were shown to our table and ordered drinks.

Staff came and took our empty places often which was great, although id have been happy to have kept the same plate to reduce the washing up 🙂

Final Foodie Thought on Cosmo Nottingham

For the price Cosmo Nottingham is great value, its one of the best buffet style restaurants I have been to with a wide selection of food.

As stated above, I personally wouldn’t come up as a couple of on a double date. It is more for casual dining such as lunch, late night shopping or a large group meal.

Where To Find Cosmo Nottingham

Address: 29A Miton Street (Opposite John Lewis), Trinity Square, Nottingham NG1 3EN

Phone: 0115 950 7755

Price Range: ££


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  1. I took a read of your review, I have to agree its excellent value. I have been to cosmo in nottingham as well as red hot buffet shack, I do think cosmo has some excellent quality food for the price. I personally loved the Indian selection, the poppadoms were very nice!

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