Cornwall Holiday 2016

Cornwall – Perfect UK Holiday Destination

Cornwall Holiday - Amazing place to visit in the UK. If you are looking for great food, amazing beaches then Cornwall is perfectUp until about 2 years ago we enjoyed most of our holidays abroad, recently we have enjoyed many holidays within the UK. A year ago we went to Cornwall and I fell in love with it straight away, we returned again this year and I was glad to be back!

We had a week booked into a holiday home near Wadebridge in Cornwall, however due to it being roughly a 7 hour drive we decided to spend the night in Weston Super-Mare to help break up the journey. We left Nottingham at around 4pm with the aim to get on the motor way before the rush hour, which seemed to work as we didn’t really hit much traffic other than a few issues with roadworks now and again.

As we wanted to get there in plenty of time we drove along the motor way most of the way, hitting the M42 and then the M5 all the way into Weston-Super-Mare. We stayed 5 minutes away from Weston-Super-Mare in a place called Uphill Manor, it is old stately home with a great deal of character.

If you are planning on visiting the area then I really would recommend this hotel, it has a good amount of land so even if you was wanting a weekend away somewhere it would be perfect!

Click Here For My Full Review Of Uphill Manor

As we went motorway to Weston-Super-Mare, we decided to go more of a scenic trip so went A39 which takes you through Devon and then into Cornwall. The trip took roughly 4 hours, half way through we stopped off at a pub for a spot of lunch.

There were 7 of us so we decided to rent out a holiday home, last year we rented an excellent modern house just outside of Padstow called the Kismet. It had a nice amount of space, the rooms were decent in size and the outdoor space for the BBQ was perfect.

If looking Kismet sounds interesting you can find out more about it at Cornish Cottages by clicking here

Cornwall Holiday Pendavy Farmhouse, excellent house from CornishCottagesThis year we decided to try another house and booked a house called Pendavey farm in Wadebridge. The building is very different compared to Kismet as it was a very old building with a lot of history, whereas Kismet was a modern building. This did mean it had a couple of quirks such as uneven floors, older looking kitchen etc. There was however a lot of space inside and outside. One of the best things about the house was the swimming pool, which was heated and was an often stop first thing in the morning before breakfast!! 🙂

Pendavy is a great place to stay if your wanting a break away with friends or family. You can find out more about it by clicking here…

Padstow…Padstow…my dream location!

One of my favourite places to visit in Cornwall is Padstow, for me it has everything you need for a nice and relaxing holiday. Padstow is a little fishing port which is located on the North Coast of Cornwall and is steeped in history. It was named after a Welsh missionary called Saint Petroc and Padstow was called Petroc-stow. (Interestingly one of Rick Stein’s restaurants is called Saint Petroc)

The fishing port of Padstow is still in full working order today, you can visit and have a sit around the port watching the fisherman coming in or going out with their catch and simply watch the world go round.

Cornwall Holiday Padstow - Padstow is an amazing fishing village in Cornwall - Excellent food!

There are plenty of shops and galleries around the Padstow area, as well as plenty of places for something to eat or drink. The pubs that are in Padstow are excellent and a perfect place for you to give some Cornish Ales a try…believe me I tried a fair few 🙂

As well as a port if you are into beaches then there is an excellent beach, roughly about 5-10 minutes walk from the centre of Padstow. The sand on the beach is perfect, it’s sandy with very little stones and the water is very clean. We did have a funny time when we almost got stuck on the beach because of the tide, we ended up having to climb over some rocks and got very wet 🙂

I would also recommend a look at the lobster hatchery, it’s interesting to see how much work they are putting in to keep the amount of lobsters up. Near the hatchery is Rick Stein’s Delhi, well worth a visit if you want to purchase some gifts or food. I bought a couple of books and one happened to be signed by Rick Stein! I would also give his wine a go, it tastes very nice!

Food In Padstow

One of the things I love about Padstow is the food, there are plenty of nice places to eat all varying in cost. If you’re in Cornwall and looking for somewhere to go as a foodie, Padstow has to be on your list.

I have been to a number of the restaurants in Padstow and can fully recommend many of them, there is even a review of many of them available.

If you are looking for some lunch, I would recommend Rick Stein’s fish and chips. When we went, we sat in and it must be one of the best fish and chips I have had. If you don’t want to queue up to sit in, they do also do a take away option.

Paul Ainsworth No 6 –
Rojanos –
St Petroc –

Cornish Beaches

There are so many beaches that I would recommend visiting, we went to Porthminster one day and it is an excellent beach although it was not great for crabbing! One of the best beaches we went on was Thistral Beach in Newquay, its miles of sandy beach with a nice sea and plenty of rocks to go crabbing!

There is also a couple of bars with some nice places to eat, we had chips from Rick Stein’s on Fistral and it was very tasty so would recommend that.

Another beach I would recommend is Watergate Bay, this is home to the well known Fifteen restaurant which makes for an amazing lunch or evening meal!

Cornwall Holiday - watergate bay is an amazing beach destination with great food.

I have done a review of this which can be found here;

What I did in Cornwall

There is so much to do in Cornwall that you couldn’t possibly fit it all into one journey, which is one of the reasons why I love it so much. Cornwall is also one of those places that you can generally get to most parts if you have a car.

Many of these I did last year as this year was more of a relaxing week away with very little activity, other than eating, drinking and going in the sea or the pool. I would however recommend these if you are looking for something nice to do.

Birds Of Prey Cornwall

We have been to a couple of Birds of Prey places and have to say we were very impressed with the one in Cornwall. We actually lucked out as the day we decided to go they had a event on, allowing us to see many of the birds actually flying and doing displays.

As well as there being a large amount of birds to see, there are also nature walks, picnic area and a nice lake.

Find out more about it here:

Visit Lands End

We decided to have a day out to Lands End, we took the scenic along the coast so we probably added a good couple of hours to the drive but it was well worth it. I personally didn’t think much of Lands End, we had to pay £5 to park and to be honest I don’t think we were there for more than a hour.

It is very child friendly though so if you do have young kids Id recommend a visit, I wanted to go in a couple of the attractions but Rach said I was too old 😛 We did go in the 4D cinema which was good, as we loved these when we went to America.

Again though, if you have a free day I’d recommend visiting!

Port Isaac

If you are a fan of the series Doc Martin, you have to visit Port Isaac as it is where it’s filmed. I have watched a bit of it but we were close to it so decided to pop and have a look. We didn’t spend very long here so didn’t get to see everything, although it is fairly small. There is a nice pub to go in and have a drink whilst watching the world go by.

Healeys Cider Farm

Even though it is a cider farm, you don’t have to be a big fan of cider to enjoy it. I imagine it does help but it is interesting to learn how it’s made and you do get to taste a little. As well as the tour to see how cider is produced here, there is also a little farm with a few animals. We had our niece who was 2 at the time so an ideal place to take her to look at the animals.

Find more information here

Cornwall….Will we keep coming back?

Without a doubt to be honest, it’s only my 2nd time to Cornwall but there is nothing I don’t like about it. Incredible beaches, plenty to do, amazing food and lovely people. Everyone that we have spoken to whilst on holiday has been friendly, what more could you possibly want!

It’s actually somewhere that I would love to move to in the future!

In fact we have already started planning our visit to Cornwall in 2017, my restaurant stop will be Nathan Outlaw’s as the food looks excellent!

Don’t forget to check out the Visit Cornwall website for more info –

Please comment below to let me know what you think and if you do have any questions please feel free to ask, i’ll be more than happy to answer what I can 🙂


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