Being A Nottingham Foodie

Nottingham-restaurantsIf you are looking for a city within the UK to visit as a foodie, i’d have to recommend Nottingham. As I have gotten more and more into food and showing off my passion for all things food, I have noticed just how much of a foodie city Nottingham really is.

Wide range of cuisine

One of the great things about being a foodie in Nottingham is the amount of different cuisines there are. No matter what you fancy you will generally be able to find a restaurant that serves that type of food.

If you are wanting Indian then there are some great restaurants on Maid Marion way such as Memsaab, The Cumin, Anoki and 4550 Miles from Delhi.

There are some excellent steak houses around Parliament Street, Marco Pierre White and Soulville Steakhouse.

Looking for something French then Nottingham has some brilliant places which include French Living and Petit Paris.

I am sure there is not a cuisine that you couldn’t find in Nottingham! 🙂

Restaurants in Nottingham

Interestingly many consider Nottingham as a “foodie” capital, with 12 out of the 15 chains having a restaurant in Nottingham. One of the great things about Nottingham is that it’s not just chain restaurants, there are a good number of independent places to eat out as well.

I am a big fan of the independent restaurants, as I do think it’s important to have diversity and something different to other cities. I want to be able to go somewhere for a meal and it be something new and different, not just the same plate of food from an exact copy of the restaurant in another city.

For example a couple of Nottingham’s excellent restaurants include Michelin starred Sat Bains, World Service and Hart’s. With a number of new, quirky places such as Bear & Lace and Curious George.

Being a Foodie in Nottingham is generally not affected by budget, whatever your budget you will be able to find excellent places to eat and enjoy.

Food Shows

Nottingham is host to a number of excellent food shows, these are spread out through the year and often feature demonstrations from well-known chefs, whilst also allowing businesses to show of their local produce.

Recommended shows to visit include;

INTU Victoria Centre Development  

intu-victoria-centreNottingham has seen a big increase in the amount of restaurants it has in the city centre thanks to INTU and the development they have put into the Victoria Centre. I for one love the improvements and think the centre looks so much better now.

I have thought for many years now that Nottingham has always been lacking a shopping centre with a good amount of places to eat. With the new improvements to Victoria Centre, we now have an entire area full of new places which include;

  • Coast to Coast
  • Ed’s Easy Diner
  • Joe’s Kitchen
  • Tortilla
  • many more! 🙂

Where Should A Foodie In Nottingham Eat?

If your are not familiar with Nottingham and you are wanting to find the perfect place to go as a foodie then Id recommend the following areas within the city centre. Its important to note that there are some excellent places outside of the centre, including Sat Bains which is located in Lenton.

Maid Marion Way

Harts-NottinghamMaid Marion way has some excellent places to eat and is the perfect place to go if visiting the city as there are a couple of hotels near and around it. Near and around here you can visit excellent places to eat such as;

  • Harts
  • World Service
  • Memsaab
  • Chino Latino
  • 4550 Miles from Delhi
  • Chutneys
  • Bear & Lace


tarn-thai-NottinghamHockley is the other side of the city to Maid Marion Way, it’s not a massive walk but not always ideal late at night when you have had a few drinks. There are a few excellent places to eat around Hockley such as;

  • Tarn Tai
  • Cape
  • Restaurant 88
  • Pitcher & Piano (Not exactly Hockley but close)

I personally like Hockley because of some of the bars near and around. The Boilermaker is to me one of the best places to go for cocktails, its table service and very chilled out and relaxed.

Corner House

cornerhouseCorner House is probably one of the busiest areas in Nottingham as its home to Cineworld, Casino and Crazy Golf. Its also got a good number of hotels nearby as well as a nice range of bars and restaurants. Places to eat that I would recommend around here include;

  • Prezzo
  • Nicholsons
  • Saltwater
  • Chiquitos
  • Cosmo
  • Marco Pierre White
  • Red Hot Buffet Shack

I hope this article has shown you just how great Nottingham is if you love food, if you already live in and around Nottingham then which are your must go to restaurants?

If you are not from Nottingham then I would fully recommend it for a night or two out, so you can enjoy some incredible food from some excellent places to eat. If you do or have visited, i’d love to hear what you thought in the comments below.


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