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Where Did I Go?

Name: Bear and Lace

Address: 28 Maid Marian Way, Nottingham, NG1 6GF

Phone: 07702135449

Price Range: £££

Bear & Lace is a new cocktail bar and restaurant in Nottingham. The evening post nottingham main newspaper did promote it as a high-end champagne bar. I think this was somewhat misleading, the food and cocktails were in deed high-end and great quality, however price wise I would say that it was reasonable and not overly expensive.

We went before 7:30PM so got 2 cocktails for £8 and a bottle of Prosecco for £14, which I think is a bargain!

One of the things both Rach and I agreed on was the atmosphere, it was great! When we arrive the bar was already fairly busy but what was great was that it didn’t just have people around the same age. The clientele was a nice mixture of ages.

We both also loved the look and style of the Bear & Lace, it felt like we were in some form of fairy tale!

What’s The Location Like?

Maid Marian Way is in the centre of town and is just off the main square, it features a range of restaurants and is a short walk from great bars and restaurants such as Browns and Harts. It certainly is not the most happening part of Nottingham as that would be Hockley, Lace Market and around the Canal area.

It is however a great place to start the evening and have a nice meal, drinks and is in the perfect location for buses, taxis and hotels.

What Did I have?

Starter – Soft Poached Crispy Duck Egg (£6.95)

I love poached egg and when cooked right can be heavenly, the duck egg was perfect as the yolk oozed out!

The starter had a little kick to it which would have been the chorizo and paprika but it was not over powering. I really liked the manchego chilli crisp, I have not had anything like it before and it tasted amazing!

Main – Fillet Steak/Lobster 

Its actually a funny story….

I tend to always order a fillet steak, I love fillet and by ordering it at different restaurants I can compare and see which I prefer. I went a head and ordered the fillet, lucky for me it was the last one they had!

Rach ordered a Lobster, I know what she is like about shells etc as she won’t eat prawns if they have their heads on. I told her that it would probably be in its shell, but she said that it will be fine…. it wasn’t lol

When it came she looked at it and told me she wouldn’t be able to eat it, being the great husband I am, I swapped dishes. I managed to get a taste of the steak before I did and trust me, it was VERY nice!

The Lobster was loverly, I am not a big fish fan and have never had lobster before but it was very nice and would recommend it.

Desert – Apple Tart Tartin (£5.25)

The desert was very nice, the apple was sweet but not too sweet and there was not too much pastry which was great!

The brown butter ice cream was a nice addition, overall I would recommend the desert.

Next time I intend to try the lemon tart as it comes with gin & tonic sorbet, which just sounds amazing!

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What Was The Service Like?

The service was excellent and couldn’t really fault it. When we first arrived we got a drink from the bar and this was brought to our table. The barmen brought us our prosecco and continued to fill it up when the glass was becoming a little empty, he was friendly and an excellent member of the team.

The main person thats served us did a great job, I believe he was the general manager and really made us feel comfortable and took our orders in a timely manor. He looked as though he was always busy and seeing to his customers.

The food came out in a timely manor but was not too quick, you could tell that it was cook fresh. Plates where also removed fairly quickly as to ensure dirty plates were not left in front of us for too long.

Excellent job all round!

Final Foodie Thought

I have eaten at a number of restaurants within the Nottingham City Centre and The Bear & Lace would defiantly be one that I would not only recommend but like to visit again on several occasions.

I expect that even if I cannot attend for a meal, it will certainly be one of the bars I visit for a drink or two on a night out!

It is a new bar and restaurant and really hope that it does well, as I feel that Nottingham could do with more places like this!

Bear & Lace is perfect for all age groups and whether you are in a group or a couple, I am sure that you will have a great time!

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  1. Hey,

    Thanks for the recommendation, I was looking at Bear and Lace in the search engines and came across your review. I went there last Friday night, it was very nice! I also had the steak and thought it was cooked perfectly, cocktail menu is great too…I had a very nice Gin one 😉

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