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Baresca Nottingham - Best Tapas Restaurant In nottingham. Recently visit Baresca Nottingham and loved it, check out my review - and I visited Baresca for lunch, we had been previous but only went for a drink and did say we should visit. The only other times we had tapas before was at La Tasca so couldn’t help compare Baresca with our experiences there.

We had gone to town to do a bit of shopping, I was keen to get myself a nice new grey suit. Not sure on what either of us fancied for lunch we remember coming here for a drink so thought why not see if we can get in, as we didn’t have a table.

On entry we welcomed and asked if we could get a table, there were plenty available but they offered to quickly clean up a table that had just been vacated so we could sit by the window. I thought this was very nice of them.

The restaurant itself looks great, with a nice atmosphere and decor. I also like the fact that all of the tables are not too close together, if you have read any of my other reviews this is a big thing for me 🙂

I also love the fact that the restaurant is something different and not a chain restaurant that you can find in every city.

What’s the Baresca location like?

The location of Baresca in Nottingham is actually pretty decent and easy to get to whether you are driving or getting public transport. Its close to the Lace Market area of Nottingham so the closest car park would be Fletcher Gate. Its also right next to one of the tram stops and there is a taxi rank just next to the tram stop.

If you are staying over in Nottingham then the nearest hotel would be the 2 Star Ibis Hotel, which is probably less than a minute walk away from the restaurant. Baresca has a nice bar but if you are looking for other places to have a drink then you are in luck, there are a few decent bars around such as All-Bar-One. There are many others such as Pitcher & Piano which is only a short walk.

What food did we have off the Baresca Menu?

As we went for lunch we had food from the Menu Del Dia, which is actually a decent menu at a decent price. For only £9.95 a head you get Flat Bread, 2 tapas and 1 side, which I do think is actually really good value.

I did also have a look at the main menu and the prices I think are reasonable and with a large selection of choices….I think I could have actually eaten a large amount of them!!

The Flatbread was very nice and crisp with salt and a number of herbs which gave it a great taste. The Flatbread came with a couple of dips, one of which had a great curry taste to it.

Rach and I both had two different Tapas, with potatoes and polenta chips on the side. The tapas mains we had were;

Pork Bocatas

These were mini sliders with pulled pork along with guindilla mayonnaise. The pork itself was slow cooked and tasted very nice with the mayo giving it a very slight kick which I thought added to the flavour.

Baresca Meatballs

These tasty meatballs were covered in a tomato sauce and then sprinkled over this was parmesan cheese. I only had the one of these so cannot comment properly but I would say that they had a bit more of a kick than I would have expected from a tomato based sauce, but they were very tasty.

Mushroom Risoni

This tapas is a rice shaped pasta dish with mushroom and parmesan and is covered in a fresh herb sauce. Rach had this one and I didn’t have any so I cannot really comment on the taste but it did look and smell amazing. Rach did say it was very nice and would recommend it.

Mussel Gratin

I have really gotten a craving for mussel since my visit to Belgo, as soon as I saw this dish on the menu I had to give it a go. The dish contain Mussel, Shallot and mushrooms and came in a nice creamy sauce. It was very tasty and I could have happily helped myself to more.

We were going to have a dessert but we both felt happily full so didn’t bother. All in all I was very impressed with the food, each dish was tasty and came out in a timely manner. We would both come here again and next time I cannot wait to try out some of the other dishes that I have seen pictures of online.

Flatbread from the Baresca Nottingham Menu, tasted great with a couple of excellent dips!   Meatballs from Baresca Nottingham Menu - this tapas was a tasty pork meatball in tomato sauce with parmesan - yummy!  Mushroom pasta from Baresca Nottingham Menu - very tasty and full of flavour tapas  Mussel Gratin from Baresca Nottingham Menu - would recommend this if you like mussels, the cream with mushrooms adds to the great flavours  Pork Sliders from Baresca Nottingham Menu - slow cooked pulled pork with a great mayo - these tasted amazing

What was the service like?

The service was actually very good from the moment we walked in and they provided us with a nice table by the window to the moment we left. As it was tapas the food was brought out as and when it was ready and informed as to what it was.

Each waiter and waitress had a smile on their face and generally seemed happy to be there, which sometimes I think is a rare thing.

10% gratuity was automatically added to the bill but the waitress did say it was optional and can be removed. We did confirm with them that they actually receive a percentage of this tip, which they confirmed so we were happy to leave it on.

Final Food Thought on Baresca Nottingham

Overall I think Baresca is a great restaurant and would recommend it to anyone looking for some nice tasty food. If you love tapas then I am sure you will enjoy it, each of dishes that I had were cooked perfectly and had some excellent flavours.

Its one of those restaurants that I feel have put a lot of effort into the decor to make it look good and really make you feel comfortable. One of the things I really like about Baresca is that it’s not just another chain restaurant, its something different and these kind of places should be appreciated!

I would actually be tempted to say that Baresca has the best tapas in Nottingham!

Love Tapas or even just love food? Check it out! 🙂

Don’t forget to let me know in the comments below on what you thought about it if you do go.

Where to find Baresca Nottingham

Address: 9 Byard Ln, Nottingham Byard Ln
Phone: 0115 948 3900
Price: £££

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