5 Ways To Reduce Food Waste

5 Ways To Reduce Food Waste

5 ways to reduce food wasteThere has been more reports on the news and in the papers about the amount of food we waste within the UK, infact we throw away roughly 7 million tonnes of food and drink a year which is pretty scary!

It is said that families could be wasting up to £60 a month and i’d expect this is even higher in some cases.

Over the past couple of months I have looked at how I waste food and ways to reduce food waste. Below are 4 things that I am trying to change and I hope they help, as I do think it’s important to try and keep food wastage to a minimum.

5 Ways To Reduce Food Waste:

1 – Buy Ingredients Individually

This can be somewhat hard due to the amount of deals that shops have on the pre-packaged items such as carrots. I noticed that when Rach and I have a HelloFresh delivery, we throw away less food as we only have the ingredients for that specific meal.

The problem with buying pre-packaged food is that you may not use it all before it goes bad. We have experienced it in the past when we buy pre-packed parsnips or carrots, before we have used them all there are usually a couple that need throwing away.

2 – Plan Your Meals Weekly

Its not always possible to place your weekly meals but it can be a great way to reduce food waste. If on say a Sunday you can plan exactly what you are going to have, you can ensure you only buy the needed things for those meals which results in less being thrown away or wasted.

A couple of times in the past I have gotten meat out of the freezer to end up buying something else and having to throw it away.

3 – Keep an eye on expiration dates

When out buying your ingredients for your meals take into account when you are going to be eating then, then you can check the best before date and make sure you eat it before the date expires.

I expect food going out of date is one of the main reasons why people throw it out, therefore checking this can reduce food wastage.

4 – Watch The Portion Sizes

Portion control is something that I have always struggle with, I always tend to make too much. The result….the remaining food ends up in the bin if I cannot re-use it in another meal, which is a shame!

Managing portion sizes and creating meals that fit within a good portion size will be a perfect way to reduce food waste. This is another reason I recommend a service such as HelloFresh or Gousto, as I personally find the portion sizes to be perfect.

5 – Purchase Fruit and Vegetables from local grocery store

I don’t purchase my fruit and veg from a local grocery store as much as I should if I am honest, but I do try.

When you get your fruit and veg from a grocery you tend to know that it is going to be fairly fresh, farm shops tend to even grow their own or have a local supply chain of farmers.

When getting these from supermarkets they do tend to have stock piled them up for some time and take precautions to try and keep them fresh for longer such as freezing them. From past experience I have noticed fruit and veg brought from a supermarket has gone off a lot sooner than that brought from a grocer….some have gone off the very next day!

I personally feel that getting your fruit and veg from a grocer will mean your getting fresher produce and therefore will last long, resulting in you not having to throw it away and in turn being a great way to reduce food waste.

Now I am not to say that I don’t waste my fair share of food, there have been times that I have and still do. What I am trying to recommend is if we can make a conscious effort to think about ways to reduce food waste then we should all be able to save a few pounds and lower that 7 million tonne figure.

As I said I found HelloFresh to help a lot with my food waste – take a look at my review of them here; http://amateurchef.wpengine.com/hello-fresh-review/

I do hope this post has been useful, i’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below 🙂

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