The Springfield – Lowdham, Nottingham

Where Did I Go?

Name: The Springfield (Vintage Inn)

Address: Old Epperstone Rd, Lowdham, Nottingham NG14 7BZ

Price Range: ££

Sometimes you cannot beat some good pub grub and have a nice plate full of nice food!

The Springfield is a Vintage Inn and to be honest I have always found Vintage Inns to be nice places to go.

I have been to The Springfield a lot of times, it is usually the go to place after work if we fancy a nice meal without having to get too dressed up. I have personally never had a bad meal here and the service has always been good and friendly.

I have personally never stayed here so can only comment on the restaurant side and don’t really have any faults to mention, the food has always been tasty!

The only drawback for me is that it’s not really easy to get to unless you drive, therefore its not really somewhere you could go for a Friday or Saturday night out.

What Did I have?

On my latest visit I had a starter and a main, usually id have some form of pudding (the cheese board is nice!)

For starter I had a Baked Cornish Brie and Onion Marmalade Brûlée, which was very nice! It came with some celery and baked bread.

For main I had something I have had a few times, although this time they slightly changed the dish. I had Pan Fried Rolled Belly Of Pork. It was very nice, the mash was smooth and had a great taste to it. Along with the mash you got a baked apple, black pudding and glazed seasonal vegetables which were all nice.

Personally I preferred the older version of the dish, however it still tasted very nice!

photo 2 photo 1

What Was The Service Like?

The service has always been very good. The staff are friendly and as it is a country pub they are very welcoming. On my last visit I did personally feel service was a little slow but this is understandable when it’s a busy period.

When Would It Be Perfect To Visit The SpringField?

As already stated you could not really go out to The Springfield and stay for hours and hours. It would however be perfect for a group meal or for a nice roast on Sunday. If you are in or around Nottingham I would fully suggest giving it a visit!

You can find out more about The Springfield at their official site by clicking here!

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