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I have enjoyed cooking for some years now, its one of the only things that I can do that makes me relaxed and forget any worries I have. I love trying new foods and visiting restaurants. This blog is my personally place to put recipes I have tried and restaurants I have visited and my thoughts on them.

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La Rock Nottingham Tasting Menu
Rach and I love tasting menus, we recently went to La Rock to experience their tasting menu. On the first[...]
Bric Nottingham
Bric Nottingham is a fairly new restaurant, attached to Hilton Hotel in the very centre of town. It was previously Nicholson's,[...]
Iberico World Tapas Nottingham
I have been wanting to visit Iberico World Tapas in Nottingham for some time now. It is owned by the[...]
The Fludyers Arms Felixstowe
I've never been to Felixstowe before so didn’t really have an idea of where the best place to eat was.[...]

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