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​Hi, my name is Martyn and I consider myself an Amateur Chef. I love everything about food and this was the main reason I started this blog, to showcase that passion. I started this blog in 2014 with an aim to showcase tasty recipes, restuarant reviews and useful cooking tips and tricks.

Even though I do consider myself an Amateur, I have continued to develop my skills in the kitchen. I am self taught but I do also take part in a number of cooking courses to help learn something new.

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​Sweet Treat Recipes

I love a good cookie, they make a perfect snack. My favourite type of cookies are nice and gooey ones.[...]
I gave this coconut slice recipe a go as I was in the mood to make more snack type of foods.[...]
A few weeks ago I made a apple and rhubarb crumble. I had half a bag of rolled oats so[...]
If you are looking for a Easy Jam Tarts recipe then this is perfect, it takes very little time to[...]
Easter Chocolate Egg Recipe I saw a picture that was shared of this chocolate egg and had to give it[...]
Cranberry Cookies Recipe Detailed Cranberry Cookies I love cookies, they make an excellent snack and are even better with a[...]

Cooking 101 

The 9 Best Pestle and Mortar Sets in 2018 [Updated]
The Pestle and Mortar come in two parts, the mortar which is made from wood, metal, ceramic, marble or granite.[...]
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How To Cook Scallops – Perfect Scallops Everytime Scallops are typically known to be somewhat expensive, and I often get[...]
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Tasty Pork Tenderloin Marinade This pork tenderloin marinade is perfect if you are wanting to make a nice Sunday roast.[...]
Chef Interviews – Darren Watson
@Saigonchef2016 Reflections Restaurant  http://caravellehotel.com/ Darren Watson has been more than happy to give some of his time and a I[...]
How to make easy pizza dough
I have always been a bit scared to make my own pizza dough, in fact any kind of dough! Up[...]

Recent Restaurant Reviews

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The Alba Restaurant can be found on the bay of St Ives, giving its guests and incredible view of the[...]
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In June of this year (2018) we went on a week holiday to Cornwall, a destination we visit often. As[...]
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It’s taken me some time to get this review up if I am honest. I went a couple of weeks[...]
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